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3 and a half stars

<rant begins>Why? Really why? Why on earth why? Why, Why, Why Why. Thank you. <rant over>

Well, at least it wasn’t 3 stars. Or 2. Or 1.

A satisfactory experience. Man, I hate it when you get a review like that with no explanation.

Did you tried to ask a buyer about that? Few weeks back, I got 3 and half star. And when I asked buyer about it, he said he accidentally hit 3.5 and he didn’t noticed that. And he changed it to 5 after that

No, he might change it to 1 star if I do. Not worth it.

Yeah, it’s much better not to get a review.

He didn’t said nothing on order page or requested modification?

No, nothing. No communication.

I would just respond (with my review) and mention that. I usually do with an invitation to contact me to blah blah blah. They never do!

Anyway, since it’s so neutral, it will disappear in a week or two and nobody will know or care about this review unless they decided to really, really read every single review you ever had (and that’s probably a sign of insanity?)

One of those buyers…

Actually, you should try to clarify it with the buyer. I got a same 3.5 star and the buyer said he meant to leave 5 star but touchscreen was buggy. Not sure if it’s the app.

I hate the half stars in general but that 3.5, it’s a doozy.

I would ask HIM why!

I had a buyer leave me 3 and 1/2 stars (and the “Satisfactory Experience” tag) and then message me asking when he could order again (my gigs were on vacation mode). I let him know that they would open up in a couple of days and then asked him why, if the service was good enough that he wanted to order again, would he leave 3 1/2 stars (more tactfully than I’m wording it here).

He got angry and told me that 3 1/2 stars was a perfectly fine score and he was completely satisfied with the order, so he rated that he was satisfied and instructed me not to “pester” buyers about the ratings they leave me. Jeez, I was just /asking/.

I informed him that this rating system sucks and that if every buyer only left ratings reflecting their complete satisfaction, all sellers would have a 70% average rating. Which, to me, says, “I was only 70% happy with this order,” not, “I was 100% happy with this order,” which is what “completely satisfied” means to me. When I’m perfectly happy with something, when there were no issues, that’s a five-star rating. I think he removed the rating entirely.

Anyway. It’s just weird. The whole thing is weird.

It happens, just move on to the next one. I have worked my tail off for buyers and then gotten a three star or four star rating when I did everything that they asked for the right way and they said they were happy. people don’t pay attention to what they are doing and don’t realize how much we depend on those ratings.

I feel you. I have a buyer at the moment who has been basically asking be to create her own company out of thin air which has led to an obscene amount of research. She also never asks for any revisions and rated my last delivery as 4.5 stars but ‘average’ and asked me to try harder with the second round of articles. I simply requested cancellation and suggested that she maybe sample another writer. I didn’t cite the review she previously left, but I sense that this person has extraordinarily high expectations which I’m simply not happy to slave away for and try and meet for $5.

My advice? If you have a solid base of regular customers simply respond to this review with your own saying you offer full revisions if clients are not happy and move on. It’s simply not worth trying to please people who can’t be pleased in the first place.