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3 articles for $5: Will that be too much?


I work with a group of competent writers. Some hour ago, we launched our services on fiverr. We wish to serve people better so we are giving 3 freshly written articles (450 words each) in any niche for 5 bucks only.

The question is; WILL THAT BE TOO MUCH?

Please let me know your opinion! Thank you!


How long does it take you to write 1350 words? If it’s less than 30 minutes, that means you’ll be making $10/hour. If it’s more than that, you’ll be making under $5/hour. It depends on what you’re willing to do.


Reply to @crcanny: Thank you. Your tips where great.


I started out offering 3 articles for $5, within a week it became far too much for me. I suppose it might be slightly easier for a group of writers, but still!


Like others said only you can set the price on your time but just starring out, you may need to do more to get some exposure. No matter what you do be sure your writing is top notch.


Thank you all for your advice. Now i know the Pros and Cons involved. I know with my writing team, we can get a lot done. After getting powerful reviews, then will can reduce the number of articles. I think the key is to balance the work load with the delivering period. There is also the TOOL of suspending a GIG so you wont get overload with fresh orders-- that was great!


Yeah you want to make sure not to put yourself under too much pressure if you want to provide quality articles. Good creation of all things often take a bit of editing, tweaking and going back and forth. Well at least for me anyway. I find if I am rushing to get an order complete then it can be extremely tempting sometimes to skim through the proofreading, and if you want your customer to be 100% satisfied hopefully it will shine through your work.

I personally think 3 gigs is too much…I find the energy I even put into one gig works out half of a living hourly wage on a 500 word article. I’m not sure if that’s because I’m new to blogging for others or if its just the amount of oomph i put in the work.

If your professionals though and have a fair whack of experience and you feel you can put out great quality stuff still then go for it why not if you can do it without too much stress on yourself.