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3 best steps for good views and clicks

A) choose short title for your gigs.
B) select best tags .
C) the most important is include one of your tag in you gig title .
D) Use eye-catching thumbnail.
E) Avoid errors in your gigs descriptions.
bundle of thanks .
i think i deserve thanks from you.


Honestly, I don’t think you do – not at all – because all of your tips are already stated within Fiverr’s own help system. Your tips are not new or original, and it is unwise for you to demand that people thank you for tips and advice that are not your own.


nothing is your own in fiverr… explain each and every thing very clear but still people violates TOS…Just like this .i just want to remind the tips that fiverr already explained in details.but still seller complains about their view and click why ??? because they do not follow so that i am here to remind these tips…

Um, you’re offering tips in the wrong category.

:fleur_de_lis: Improve My Gig ~ is for you to add a link to your Fiverr Gig(s) for other users to critique and offer suggestions and whatnot.

:fleur_de_lis: Tips for Sellers is the appropriate category. :pineapple:


thank you :neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face:

If people want to thank you they will. This will probably put them off!


yeah man, nice tips.
i will pay attention next time.