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3 Buyers Order By Mistake And Cancelled

I am shocked Because sellers always in trouble.
There is not option on fiverr for accept or reject the order.

After order buyers cancelled because i am not offering which i offered.
And clearly mentioned in my gigs.
Now my order completion rate going down.
Kindly help me how can i handle.
Thank you so much.


What are you trying to say over here? That buyers are ordering your gig, realizing that you don’t provide the services they’re looking for and then cancelling?

Well, it could be because of two reasons - either you’ve had a rather unfortunate string of buyers who have not read your gig title/description properly and ordered without realizing, or they’ve ordered your gig assuming that you provide a service which you do not.

It appears to me (at least) that there is some ambiguity in your gigs’ wordings that is leading to confuse your buyers. You can try these methods and see if they help:

  1. State your services clearly in the gig title.
  2. Ask your buyers to message you before they place an order (right at the top of the gig description) so that you can clear any confusion they might have.
  3. Include FAQs to clear any potential doubts (if any).

Well I am passing through the same stage as you where buyers hardly bother to read the gig description or contacting me first before ordering. I have clearly written down in my gig description that the buyer should contact me before ordering but in vain.