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3 cancellations from the same buyer because he ordered by mistake

A new buyer placed 3 orders and asked for cancellations few hours later.
He opened 3 disputes and explained that he ordered by mistake. So strange… how can someone order by mistake 3 times ?

I have noticed that the name of this buyer is very closed to the name of one of my buyers and I wonder if he wasn’t the same person.

To be clear, let’s say that the 1st buyer’s name was “nell2378” (false name, I can’t write is real name here).
The second buyer’s name is “n2378”. Very similar, no ? The 2 buyers accounts have same first letter and same 4 figures.

The 1st buyer (who ordered my services more than 5 times) wasn’t happy last time because I refused to make big revisions for free and he also asked me for different services forbidden by Fiverr. He insisted a lot and I refused. He nearly began to cry and sent me lots of messages : Please, help us. We need you. We had a long cooperation. You must accept. You can’t refuse. I am a good client. Please, please, please…
But I said : No, even if you pay me $10000. I don’t want to be banned from Fiverr.

What do you think about that ? I am not the kind of person who sees the evil everywhere but it seems very strange to me and I wonder if the first account was trying to punish me with his second account because I said no. Has anyone ever had such experiences?



Cancellations will cost you your gig placement on Fiverr and Fiverr definitely doesn’t support this behavior. Contact support with your suspicions and hope for the best!

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had the same issue once, he sent me an order twice a time and then opened a dispute.

What should I tell to contact support and what will they do ? I have already accepted the cancellation.
I could copy/rewrite the message I wrote on the forum. But after ? What should I ask them ?

Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do other than deliver more orders to counteract the cancellation.


yeah same problem happend with me previous days

I will :slight_smile:

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I don’t doubt that there are some buyers who do this & I think it’s petty! :expressionless::neutral_face:

I hope it doesn’t affect you too much. You have great gigs, so it won’t affect your bids on BR. :slight_smile:

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it is vary helpful to find your issue and you can soved it vary easy

Say to customer support that you suspect this user of having multiple accounts. Then provide them with your reasoning.

That’s as much as you can do. They’ll look into it for you and if they are proven to be the same person, then they’ll fix things for you.


Sadly, pathetic people do exist.

They will place an order by “mistake” and then cancel it just to annoy you.
I’ve seen it happen a few times.
I can say that perhaps it CAN happen, maybe the buyer did click the buy now button by mistake.

But is it possible to click the buy now button, scroll down then click on ALL the gig extras and still say it’s a mistake? Nah, don’t think so…


He ordered 3 times the same gig and left requirements.
It’s not a mistake !