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3 Day Sale on all my GIGs

For 3 days I have reduced my GIG extra prices by 50%…

If you are an entrepreneur and starting a Business check out my GIGs. It is the best time to purchase all the business documents you require as I am giving them away dirt cheap.

You can get a Detailed & Professional Business Plan within $5… EXCELLENT OFFER.

Sheriff’s Note: Moved to “My Fiverr Gigs”.

nice offer


2 days left now everybody.

create professional whiteboard animation

Posting sales offers like this in the Fiverr forums are relatively pointless. Few people read spam ads like this, and even fewer are going to buy your gig from these forums. Truth be told, these forums are mostly sellers sharing ideas on how to sell or improve their own gigs. If you’re looking for buyers, go where the buyers are. And, believe it or not, the buyers are out there – on the internet.

Promote your gigs on the internet where your target audience can be found – not here on the Fiverr forums where people usually ignor promotional “buy my gig” posts.

I market my gigs on social media and other forums. There is nothing wrong in informing people / people who want to start a business to get the documents at half the price.

And because of this post I got several new buyers who needed help in their business because they are struggling.