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3 Days Left in 2020 . Say your opinions about This Unique year

2020 hit everyone quite hard.
Many people lost jobs, loved ones, houses or even everything at once.

Surviving took a whole new meaning this year. we learned a lot !

I lost many freelancing deals.
I had to leave home , a support system, and a life that I barely started building.

But I am grateful.
I am grateful that I did not test positive in 2020.

I am grateful that, to my knowledge, I was not a carrier of covid-19.

I am grateful that my family did not either.

I am grateful that people that tested positive from my support system handled it responsibly and recovered swiftly.

Surviving did not come without sacrifices and losses, but I am grateful that I am able to deal with the consequences, as hard as they may be.

I am grateful for the growth that happened, and grit I gained this year on all levels.

What about you guys…


Say your opinions about This Unique year

I’d like to, but we’re not really allowed to swear on this forum. :slight_smile:

I am grateful that, to my knowledge, I was not a carrier of covid-19.
I am grateful that my family did not either.

I’m glad you and your family remained safe. Mine did, too, thankfully.

What about you guys…

I’m grateful for all of my friends, some of whom I met on this forum. Without them to chat to during lockdown, I probably would have gone crazy. :crazy_face:


During the Covid Situation here in Bangladesh, the condition got worse and we had to keep ourselves home.
As I had to switch to online classes I got much free time.

And thus tried to enhance my Skills and tried to apply the plans which were postponed many times.

I’m happy with my personal development and the good news is during the pandemic I also got some of the biggest projects I ever did on Fiverr being a Web Designer and A Digital Marketer.

Waiting to see how other people performed during this time…


For my wife and I, we had to close one of our businesses.

Fortunately, we were able to reopen after 14-weeks with COVID-19 protocols in place.

During the shutdown, I had a serious health issue develop that I am still recovering from.

I lost a lot of freelance work due to the pandemic, but that is okay as I would not have been able to complete much of it when my recovery began in April.

Otherwise, we still are careful and have restricted our contact with COVID restrictions.

It has been a strange year, but we got through it and are positive and hopeful for 2021.


Thank you for replying friends :sunflower: :sunflower:
hope 2021 will be better “fingers crossed”
we are all 2020 survivors lol stay safe and take care.

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