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3 Days No ORDER after 3 month


I completed more then 300 orders . But from last 3 days no order.
I think May be its weekend and International Workers’ Day.
Kindly share with your experience.


If you create Logo’s why is your profile photo of a free wallpaper artwork if I may ask?

  • Fiverr’s search will make your gigs fluctuate depending on how you deal with buyers.
  • You won’t get sales everyday - that’s how the freelance business works.
  • Like @markusvoice stated: Use the quiet time to update, research and promote yourself.


It happens.
Just the ups and downs/peaks and valleys of the biz.
I went a week without getting an order, then got hit with 10 over 2 days.
When it’s slow for you, revise, reload and get ready for the busy times. Work on gig improvement or marketing your services. Stay active…but don’t worry about slow times.