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3 days only - your discount is waiting



I got an email as above… it says that I will get $10 back if I spend $40… is it a valid offer…

how I redeem it?

thank you


Did it come from the domain?


Fiverr runs promotions like that all the time. Be sure the mailing came from and you should see a green checkmark somewhere. If you make the purchases required by the time given, you’ll receive a fiverr credit in your account 14 days later.


@celticmoon where exactly are you supposed to see this green checkmark? I have the same offer and was taken to this go.fiverr page. Do only some gigs qualify or all gigs? Confused since there aren’t a lot of details about how you know if you’re doing it right.


Basically, just make absolutely sure the mailing came from, and not some iteration which would indicate a fake Fiverr site (usually you will see the checkmark after “”, as in the Twitter feed to the right of these words ->)

Please read any details in the mailings. As best as I can recall, there is no limitation to the gigs you can purchase to receive the credit, but as with anything involving your money, read the fine print. And if you are unsure, contact and ask if the mailing you received is genuine (it probably is, because a fake site isn’t going to benefit from you buying gigs on Fiverr…unless it’s part of a phishing scheme attempting to lure you into “signing in” to what you think is Fiverr with your nickname & password).