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3 Days With No Sales

I don’t know what’s going on with Fiverr. This was my March last year:

March 2017
1 $74.4
2 $8
3 $80

Compared that to:

March 2018
1 $0
2 $0
3 $0

So I’m going to do an experiment. One one gig, I will do double the work for the same amount of money, on two gigs, I’m going to jack up the prices from $10, $20, $30 to
$20, $40, $80.

At this point is seems irrelevant what I’m charging because I’m not getting the sales.


You have the most sales on your email writing gig but why not have a really attention getting graphic on that? Lose the video! It’s just a blank white space on that one!

I think videos for your gigs are a big mistake. A bold bright graphic is needed.

No one is interested in watching a video about your gigs and will skip over them.
Your gigs are pretty much self explanatory.

You have three gigs with BLANK THUMBNAILS! No wonder you don’t get sales.

Get some great thumbnails and some great gig descriptions.


I agree my e-mail gig needs a better gig image.

Disagree about the videos, doesn’t Fiverr say that videos improve says? Some people watch the video before reading the gig description. I know I’ve gotten sales in the past over people who like my videos.

As for the gig images, I have 2-3, isn’t that enough?

Well, I took your advice, I removed the video from my Facebook gig. I also wrote Fiverr CS because one of my tags is “Facebook Copywriter” and when I search for it, I get no results.

Looking at your gigs, I notice you do have amazingly beautiful gig images and no videos. So maybe you’re right, maybe videos are overrated.

Or maybe it’s Fiverr’s system which displays videos in the search results as gig images.


hi, just search your main keywords & make sure your gig available in fiverr search or not. i’m having this issue & result is order income is very low…


How did you fixed it?

if you did not get order from direct clients you can use fiverr anywhere feature to get sales from social platforms on fiverr :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, the blog I own isn’t suitable for Fiverr’s gigs, so I can’t promote my gigs there.

I haven’t fixed it. That’s why I’m freaking out.

I’m gonna have to do that. The problem is I have 10 live gigs, so it’s gonna take a while. I also don’t know if I can complain to CS about each gig with problems. I already complained to CS about one gig. If my tag is “facebook copywriter” and I get no results when I search it, that’s a problem.

I’m curious… how is a blog unsuitable for promoting Fiver’s gigs? If you own the blog, you can do anything – write anything – that you want. Heck, I’m preparing some creative gig marketing on some very much NOT Fiverr-themed blogs. I can do that because I control those blogs.

Generally, in the blogging world, the only person telling you that you can’t do something is you. I’m sure, if you thought on it a while, you could come up with some gig promotional ideas that would fit the topic or theme of that blog. :wink:

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My blog is about the firearms industry, specially, gun advertising. My visitors aren’t there to buy Facebook Ads, brand names, and headlines.

I’ve been thinking about creating a broad gig, something like I will be your copywriter for $5, and use it to target people searching “copywriter.” Is that a good idea? I don’t know.


It may happen that the blog is aimed to a different audience, and has a different scope; in that case it makes sense to open a different blog.


Exactly. If your blog is about condiments, then that’s what you can blog about. If you start blogging about movie reviews, fashion, politics, etc, then your blog loses power, the search engines won’t like it, it’s just not worth it.


You just copy-pasted @jonbaas reply. Seriously??


Why don’t you start a blog which is relevant to your gigs? Apologies if I’m stating the obvious BTW! :slightly_smiling_face:

Marketing on a blog can be done in various ways. There is the obvious “associative marketing” where you advertise similar things to the blog topic and that tends to work well in general. However the less used but often more productive is “market marketing” where you target the type of people who read the blog, regardless of what the blog is about.

So lets say your gun blog is read by (just for example purposes) men in their 30-50s who are middle income. A fair percentage of these would be business owners or have a responsible position within a company. Therefore, advertising your services which are business related to those people would make sense, even though it is on a gun blog. They see the ad on a site they like so there is a positive association with that and if you make the point within the ad that you are the person advertising, those who like what you say are more likely to be interested in what you offer - what you do in real life - and are also more likely to hire you as they like you.


I’ll give it a try, but frankly, I don’t believe in it. I used to get sales every day, for the past 4 days, nothing, and I have 10 gigs.

I could try making $5 my bottom price, but I’ve experienced more success charging $10 than $5, except that now I’m not succeeding at all.

Fiverr CS told me:

"Even if you just open the gig and doesn’t change even one letter it still counts as Edited. We cannot know if you were just checking your gig or change it to some illegal service until we review it.

Please, do not touch your gigs in next 24h and contact us after that if you still cannot see your gigs in a search."

Maybe it’s because I’m level 1 and suddenly this section is crowded, full of level 2’s and TRS’s that got demoted.

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