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3 Extra Packages

I love that Fiverr brought in a Basic, Standard and Premium package and Increased the Gig extras by up to $200.

But who thinks Fiverr should bring in another 3 more packages and a couple more Gig extras? I sometimes find clients buying my Premium package and my full Gig extras. Imagine if you have more to offer and your income will Increase once again

And what would be the name for these packages?

Maybe Basic, Standard, Premium, Ultimate, Mega, Max


Hmm, you could send him custom order in that case I guess. While it would be interesting to offer more packages, I think it would also mean our gigs would be more complicated and messy. :slight_smile: I don’t know, I like 3 packages + extras :slight_smile:


@dreamandfaith12 Something fun. By the by you can create a poll about your idea, if you want.