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3 Gigs but no order :(

Hi there,

I am new on Fiverr. I recently created 3 GIGs in different categories… but since yesterday, I am not able to see any buyer request.

Please suggest me, how can I see buyer requests? And, how can I get orders?

Thank you.


your your gig share for social media marketplace


Your user name and profile picture not matching. And please wait and never give up.

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Does it matter if the picture & user name are matching?
Also, why I am not able to see any buyer request?

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Try to make 7 gig… with slight difference…

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hello @digitalavinash
share your gig on social media regularly
send buyer request as more you can
also try to active as much as possible
Best of luck :slightly_smiling_face:


This is the problem. I don’t see any buyer requests. So, I am not able to submit proposals.

Don’t stop. Make 7 gigs.

if u didn’t see buyer request, u should change gig category.

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you can change the category of your gig. May be then you get some buyer request.

You need to marketing your gig in social platform. Also if you don’t get buyer request you can change your category .


Please use your own profile image. if you have issues with personal image usage kindly create a logo and use as your profile image as well as gig images too.

please keep this platform clean and trustworthy to all buyers.

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If you are a new seller you have the opportunity to create 7 gigs. When you create 7 gigs, Your buyer request will automatically increase.

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You just started.

It took me more than 1 month to get my first order. Now I have more than 7800 orders completed.

Don’t think that you will just register at fiverr and will start selling a lot. It takes time.

There are more than 1 million sellers here, some are the best freelancer on the web. if you want to sell more than these guys, you should be better than them.

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A small tip from my part: Always upload original samples in Gig gallery.

I have seen your all the gigs. Your category is right & there are 4 category, but don’t know why you not get any buyer request. Please note , as my personal experience there are some specific time when more request are found. And you always need to refresh your browser to see new buyer request,