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3 Golden Tips For Sellers

Hi there Fiverr fellows, i’m Troy and i wanted to share with you my experiencie on how to make gigs that attract potential buyers and increase or actually get your first sale. I got a friend’s account up to 500 sales and 400 reviews by using these tecniques. His account generates around USD 3K per month and i want to share my tips with you.

As new sellers, we are hungry to get our first sale and some times get frustrated because it doesn’t happen. After not too much time we drop Fiverr because “it won’t work” or “there is too much competition”.

Believe me, there is enough work for everyone here. So, your very first concern should be to create a convincing gig. Take the time to write a good description, add good quality pictures or audio examples showcasing your work (depending on what you category is).

Use the video feature, record a good video (I know not all of us are friendly with cameras, but it’s necessary) and choose the best thumbnail possible. I like to design the thumbnail in Photoshop and add it at the very beggining of the video, making it 2 seconds long, so i can chose that frame as the actual thumbnail and not a ramdon frame from the video, that way i have control of what i want my buyers to see when my gig is displayed.

A video where people can see your face and hear you talking to them will make them feel more connected with you. After all,you took the time to create a good description, chose great pictures, record a video and design a great thumbnail.

This is the very beggining of the success of your account.


This is gold and is where you can make the snowball start rolling. Once you have your gig perfectly crafted, it’s time to show it. But how can you do that? No one knows you. Well, once your gig is approved, you get access to the Buyers Request area, where buyers who cannot find the right gig for they projects can create a request and any seller in that category can send them their offers.

What i like to do is to have my Seller Dashboard open in one Tab and open the Buyer Request in another one. I found a Google Chrome Extension that automatically refreshes the tab every few minutes (i set the time i want). What this does is not only keep your account online as long as you have your browser open, which shows your account if someone use the filter “Online Sellers”, but constantly update the Buyer Requests page so you can see whenever a new request is added.

It takes effort, but if you want to have success, need to run the extra mile. What i do is to be patient and constantly refresh this page, waiting for a new request to show. I guarantee you this, if you are the first to reply a request, you will have the higher chances of getting hired, so “be water my friend”, be fast. I also like to remove all the requests i’m not interested in and only leave the ones i’m able to work on.

The way you reply to a resquest plays a crucial role on getting that sale. You cannot just say “hey, give me your money” and hope the buyer will be happy with that. Be kind, show empathy with the project, when possible, send a quote for less than the budget and delivered in less the time, don’t need to be too low, just a couple bucks and maybe one day less to deliver, that will separate you from the mass.

This is an example of how i would reply to a request. Let’s say a buyer wants to create a mashup of songs for this wedding and need a music producer to do so, he needs it in 5 days and his budget is $ 30.

I would say:

"Hi there, congratulations for your wedding! that’s big step. I think making your own mix for the dance is a great idea. I would like to offer you my services for that, i can do it for $ 25 within 4 days. What do you think? I look forward to hear from you.


This message shows empathy and is not a generic message, it can make people chose you just for “being nice” don’t understimate the power of being a kind person.


Once you got that sale and delivered a great product, you buyer has the option to leave a review about you. Make sure you delivered what they needed and provided a great service. Don’t command they to leave a review or leave an specific number of stars, that’s against Fiverr’s ToS and can get your account benned, but you can say this:

“Hey, thanks a lot for hiring my services, i hope you liked the work. If you didn’t like it or have any modifications, please don’t hesitate to request a revision and i will work on it inmediatelly! On the other hand, if you are happy, please mark this order as complete and leave a review about it, i will appreciatte it.”

You are not demanding a positive review or anything wrong, but just reminding your buyer they can leave a rate and a comment about your work.

But, whay do you need this? Well, if you are a great seller and deliver great products, i doesn’t mean anything if no one knows. The more rates you have, the higher you get ranked in the results and people, by just seeing your hundred 5 stars reviews, will buy from you without thinking about it.

These are 3 Golden Tips for growing your account organically and creating a community of buyers that won’t only return but recommend you to friends and coleagues.

Once you start the snowball rolling, you will see how your account becomes a great source of income.

Let me know your comments below and check out my profile when you get the time, i’m also a great music producer!

Kindly, Troy LaHigh
Music Producer


Great information for sellers . Appreciated

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You’re welcome! it’s real information from my personal experience!

yes that’s why i appreciated man !

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many many thanks for share your beautiful experience

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Great! This is very timely :+1:t3:

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If you do that, you might have to prove that you’re not a robot pretty often.


Unfortunately, this can be seen as an attempt at review manipulation as using the words “if you are happy, leave a review” suggests that you would only want your buyer to leave a review if they are happy and not if they aren’t happy/satisfied.

Since such wording can get you a ToS warning, I’d suggest that you never use that “if you are happy” clause when talking about reviews.

It would be even better if you never brought up the topic of reviews with your buyers as Fiverr has gotten very strict about it, and some sellers seem to be receiving ToS warnings for even mentioning the word reviews/feedback/[insert other synonyms of the word “review”]. And, yes, I am talking about actual ToS warnings (and not just the notification “your message is under review by Fiverr staff” that you see at the bottom whenever you send a message containing a “trigger word”).


great man it’s helpful

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great way of getting banned :slight_smile:


This information is super useful. Am new to fiverr and I cant seem to find buyers requests anywhere. Am using Firefox browser/
What could be the problem?

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Is there any notification on Buyer’s requests? It’s annoying that I have to monitor that very often. I hope there’s a notification when the requests pop up there.

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thanks sir… for a great knowledge and great tips for seller.

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Actually there a no notifications for that, that’s the work you need to do, the price to pay, always monitor the request in search of opportunities.

Thanks a lot, you’re welcome! This is real information. Y practice this everyday. Even though my account it new, is doing very well.

You can find them in the “More” tab my friend

Not at all, I read Fiverr ToS. You can remind your buyer to leave a review. You get banned when you ask for am specific rating, “5 stars”, “Positive”, etc. If you made a great work, just remind your buyer yo leave a review, it can be positive or negative, that will depend on your buyer. As long as you don’t force them to give you 5 stars or ask them to change they rebiew because you didn’t like it, you are not doing anything wrong.

Thanks a lot, I know how hard it’s to have success here.

Thanks a lot for reading my friend

Actually I don’t, I also refresh the tabs manually while I’m in the platform. I’m very active here so, there is nothing unusual about it. Also, I just use the app to refresh the tab, I’m not doing anything else automatically. I send my offers manually and write all of them in different ways.