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3 million gigs....Fast! Is Fiverr getting trashier or better? What do you think?


It was not that long ago that Fiverr reached that 2 million gig goal. It hasn’t even been that long since then, but now there’s already 3 million gigs.

Do you think Fiverr is getting better with more good-quality gigs, or do you think it’s getting trashier with lower-quality gigs and spam?

I’m just looking to see if anyone has an opinion on this. I really don’t know what to think :slight_smile:


^ “Its just publicity. In the end, their number is just a number and has very little meaning behind it … at least for me” …I would say the same…

And to add more… the gig number grows so fast because of us sellers creating new Gigs that are just so similar with the original one. I admit it, I have at least 3 Gigs doing the same/similar tasks/jobs. My purpose is… VISIBILITY.


I don’t think the increase in number is making it trashier… bad gigs won’t have success, plain and simple. The good outweighs the bad by tons simply because people want quality, and fiverr does what it can to promote it.


Fiverr seems to be improving in my opinion, I have only been here about a year though. (*)


Reply to @touchtype:

Or creating very similar gigs!

Better have a few gigs that are something like: will draw portraits, will draw chibis, will do an illustration, will draw your pets, rather than only one that goes “will draw what you want!”


I can’t help from not doing it. I mean… SEARCH function is too much limited… SO creating similar Gig, which I think will help me get visibility.


Reply to @kjblynx: You’re right. Trashy isn’t the right word. The adjectives you used better express what I meant. And I agree, the website does look fantastic! I never though of the fact that deleted gigs might be counted in that number…I figured it would be 3 million active gigs-- good catch!


Reply to @mcromano: That’s a very good point. I agree. I just hope the new people are able to get some success starting up with all the competition!


Reply to @touchtype: That’s a good point too. I think all sellers should do that…the more gigs you have, the better chance you have of getting seen and bought!


Half the gigs are useless, never purchased, sellers disappear yet the account is open. Fiverr needs to clean up the systems but I know they won’t so the junk will remain. It was much better three years ago when they first started. The search option is also completely useless because a buyer can’t search by username. The original system search was better, seach by username, or topic, whatever, always brought up what you needed. In fact, V2 has made fiverr’s business worse with a lot of new sellers left out in the dark and never found. The site is simply bad for business and limited. We will probably exit from fiverr at the end of the year mainly due to receiving revenues which has problems for larger sellers and the growing amount of fraud.

Remember, what goes up always comes down. Don’t depend on fiverr as a full time job as it will be your mistake for your future. You need to have multiple sources of revenue. In future, the US dollar will collapse and disappear, only to be replaced by a new currency. But, of course that’s another topic. It’s coming and it’s a matter of time. You can either deny or plan for the future.

I’m sure, others will have lots of comments to what I said but hey I’m much older than most on here and wiser. Lol.


I think fiverr now better then ever


Life is like that, we have trashy people all over, thinking they are changing the world, but basically spreading negativity and doing nothing but harassment via role of either seller or buyer. No marketplace is different. Many freelancing sites are just like that. So it all comes down to, what’s in it for YOU? What are you going to do from there that counts. Marketplace changes, sites die or evolve. It doesn’t matter how the place is doing, it is how we are doing and our plans count.


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