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3 Month.....but no orders

It’s about 3 months on fiver. But still have no orders. I am feeling so bad. Please give me some suggestions. Give me some tips to improve my gig.

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In the first paragraph of your proofreading gig, there’s a grammatical error and a consistency error. There are a few more errors later on regarding number and determiner use.

As you’re currently offering your services at a price higher than the average market rate, you need to ask yourself whether your skills warrant that price tag. If they don’t, you simply won’t receive orders.


A second point: Your essay writing gig is a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service. We’re not allowed to write school/college essays. Best remove it or you could receive an account warning.

the essay can be of standard level or of easy/basic level for
1: College
2: School
according to your demand.


Ok i will.
Thank you so much