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3 months and no job

Hello everyone,
I hope you all are doing good. I am trying to do SEO content writing jobs but I haven’t found any client on Fiverr yet. I have tried buyer request but it is not working. I don’t know what to do. How other people are doing their income on Fiverr and why people like me are sticking to their condition.


This is very sad. Try to work on your gig

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I have done that. Still I am in the situation where I was.

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Please accept the following as friendly advice rather than criticism…

On your profile page you describe your level of English as fluent. Is this true?

If the above sentence is an example of how you write when responding to buyer requests, then any native English writer / speaker will recognise that’s not fluent level.

Your gig prices make little sense.You are charging $5 for 500 words and $50 for 2000 words - but there is no additional benefit to ordering more words. So a buyer would naturally order four of your 500 word gigs and pay you $20 rather than $50.

Gigs and sellers have to feel authentic and genuine - otherwise buyers will pass you by.


That is a good advice. Thank you so much for showing my mistake. I didn’t understand that before. Take care.

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I am very sad to know this…but I think you do not follow the fiverrs rules exactly. Make sure the gigs and the body langauge your gigs details