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3 Months in Fiverr but only got $44 from gigs, Bad? or Good?

Hello there,

Ive been in fiverr for 3 months but only earned $44, what gig should I sell? Can you guys give me some tips? I’m good at drawing but I don’t think people will buy a scaned drawing. I just want to earn but I don’t know what to sell.

The simple answer is this: offer gigs that feature services that you can do well. If you can’t do something, or if you don’t have a skill in something, don’t offer that something in a gig. Offer services that you can do, and that you enjoy doing. If that service doesn’t sell, then try another one. There is no guarantee of sales just because you have a gig on Fiverr. Keep testing the market to see what people are interested in. Be creative, be you, and see where your gigs take you.

The fact that you’ve been on Fiverr for 3 months and sold some gigs is good. Lots of people don’t because it isn’t as easy as lots of bloggers and book authors would tell you. I think you got some other great advice from @jonbaas and more can be found by reading the Tips for Sellers forum. Good luck!

Simplicity bleeds thru the answers of @JonBass & @FontHaunt as i completely agree.Being the best you that you can be will work wonders for your gig hunting woes than anything else! i, personally, have yet to sell anything online. But offline, I’m always perfecting my craft and using tools to compete with professionals in my industry. Best wishes!


Thank you for the great advice.

yea, lots of bloggers said that fiverr is easy and you can earn with just a simple task but for my experience it’s not. lol.

Like any business, Fiverr is going to be hard work. Don’t expect to get rich quick, or to get rich with very little work. It’s not going to happen.

This is great! I have joined about 2 weeks and didn’t got any sales. Hope within 6 months I’ll not get any sales. The gig views are too slow. And Fiverr has some technical issue on their site. Sales are not increasing.

Fiverr team should view this topic and read comments too.