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3 months later buyer cancel the order

Hello Everyone.
I have heard from many sellers that after completing the order, the buyer left with a 5-star review, but a few days later he canceled the order and took a refund.

I posted today to find out because I saw a seller’s post on social media yesterday.
He completed an order and the buyer left with a 5-star review. But after 3 months later, buyer came yesterday and canceled the order and took the money refund.
Is it a fair thing?
Fiverr should close the feature or give a deadline to cancel the order.
Otherwise, the sellers just have to suffer.

Of course, I did not face such a problem, but if anyone has faced, you must comment.

No one reply with this issue? :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

I think you should contract CS. They will help you

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Actually I don’t face this problem but I want to know that other seller face this issue, It it fair?
And Note that, Those who have faced this problem have said that they have contacted CS but CS has not helped them in this regard or has not given a reply even after a long wait.

Hello. Yes, this happens. It’s always one of these things:

  • a chargeback (unfair but not Fiverr’s fault and they ban whoever does that)

  • when the seller has unlimited revisions. So don’t have unlimited revisions, just in case.


I faced this couple of time and CS helped…do not go with flow…try contacting CS your self and experience !

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Unlimited revision counts until the order is complete.
But I mean, after the order is complete … after giving feedback …then if the buyer cancels it, why does Fiverr accept it ???

Unlimited revision means that you must provide revisions for the rest of your life, ever, until end of time, UNLIMITED. Included in the price of original order, so unlimited revisions are forever free.


I am a Fiverr seller, but also sometimes I buy services that I need, for my own needs. So I had buyer experience as well. I just opened buyer version of a website, opened all my past completed orders and I DON’T SEE ANY option to cancel the order, that was ALREADY finished. I don’t even know how they do it - I have few finished orders, where I was a BUYER and I can’t cancel it. The last order was finished about 1 week ago and even this order - there is no option to cancel it here on Fiverr

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Then how others buyers cancel order like this my post 3 months later after complete the order?
If this is possible, then it is a bad feature of Fiverr

Why do people offer unlimited revision if they do not know the meaning of the word?

Unlimited means forever until the end of time and if you do not provide me with revisions over and over and over forever, REFUND. 3 months 3 years 30 years lifetime.


What if you die? Will Fiverr still ban you? :joy: I think revisions should end after the order is done, unless it’s something like a faulty coding program.

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Every seller wants to satisfy his buyer, so he offers unlimited revision.
If a buyer can give a good instruction of his work and a seller can understand the work well, then I don’t think there is any need for revision.
However, the main thing is that the buyer should not misuse the opportunity in Unlimited Revision.
But because of Fiverr’s rules, buyers can take such an opportunity.

Its not a order cancelation. its a charge back. Can do it via the paypal and its not a issue of fiver.

You can have the money back, for that first thing you must open a ticket and and inform to CS and fiver will charge back and credit to your account.


yes, I’m agree with you.

Yes, maybe. And I did not face any such problem.
But I have heard that many seller have such a problem, So I am here to confirm it.

Even me too not faced such an issue but i am here from 2015 and seen many such cases and once i red one app designer charged backed a single completed order value of more than $2000 and Fiver CS assisted him and credited the amount back to his account.

No it doesn’t, unfortunately. Please fact check before assuming and publicly saying things.


@humanissocial yes that the unlimited means forever but in fiver there is no option for buyer to have revisions once the order completed.

I think that is what he means until the order completed.

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Maybe. People are constantly learning. And maybe I didn’t know it before.
And I found out about it from you by doing this post.