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3 months on fiverr and now i'm lvl 2 seller



So here it is :slight_smile: I did it very fast with my photoediting and videoediting services

Near 50+ orders
100 percent positive feedback
3 months
5-7 continuous buyers
2 gigs from 6, that makes 95 percent of all orders

Ask your questions, will be happy to answer about my little experience :slight_smile:

And question to you - does lvl2 increase sales? :slight_smile:


Wow, Happy for you!

Congrats. You have done a great job so far.

Keep working hard and I am sure you have a great future here.

My Question is What do you do for keep your gig rank higher?


Thx :slight_smile:

Absolutely nothing to be honest. I just wrote a gig description with good keywords, included them in tags and gig name and did not change anything for 3 month. And it works. :slight_smile:


wow great job …


Congrats :wink: . Looks like you’re on the right track :slight_smile:


Congratulations. Best wishes for your continued success! :slightly_smiling_face:


Congratulations, continue with the great work!!!


Congratulations. Kudos for the great job you are doing.


Congratulation.Keep it up…


thank you for congrats, guys :slight_smile:


Congratulation @toner2d :smile: I hope this month I will be lvl 1 seller :pray:


Congratulation Dear :slight_smile:


wow great job Congratulations, continue with the great work!!!


Congratulations. :fireworks: Hope you are selected for the next level soon.

:sweat_smile:As for me I am facing a wave of cancellations just after making level 1. (A month and half after becoming a seller)


Really happy for you. Be sure to active and dont lag, the progress will be exponential.