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3 months without a reply from fiver, wow!

Last year, someone logged into my account and withdrew $400, that’s just the beginning of my problems with fiverr. They said they’re going to investigate, I haven’t got a reply since. but wait! it gets worse. I asked paypal to investigate since fiverr decided to do nothing. It was concluded that either a pro hacker or an inside job from within fiverr carried out the scheme because the fraud was carried out with precision. Everything was done with my own IP. Fiverr disabled all my withdrawal features during their so called investigation. They even disabled my customer service account so I couldn’t even contact them to date. Since then, I’ve had my withdrawals enabled and disabled quite a few times. Which brings me to my most recent issue. My withdrawals had been disable again. Since my customer service account is also disabled, I used a different account to contact them. After going through the whole spill of proving my identity which included giving them my drivers license and the whole 9 yards, they requested that I send them an email with the original email I registered with, which I did. It’s been almost 4 months and I still haven’t got a response from fiverr. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE.

Is there anyone here that can explain to me why this is? Am I being unreasonable? is my request too difficult to solve?

Please refer to TICKET # 882638