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3 Must-do Tips for Beginner Sellers and Sellers in general

If you’re struggling to get orders, and to Level 1 Seller status, here are 3 must-do tips that I have applied personally this past month to reach Level 1 Seller on Fiverr :

(I JUST got notification of my Level 1 status 5 minutes ago !! SO thrilled ! )

1/ READ through the Fiverr Academy, even if you have, go for it again… you may have overlooked an important detail. Personally, I go back regularly to see how I can improve my own gigs AND see if there has been any updates.

2/ READ through your gig for incorrect grammar and/or spelling errors. Like in life, if you want to scale up, these details ARE just as important as the beginning stages of your communication as an infant, toddler, child,… If you want to be understood, make sure you are communicating in a way that potential clients will understand.

3/ BE unique, BE YOU (because you ARE amazing !). Aiming to be like other artists and/or for too broad of an audience tends to have potential clients “glaze” over your gig. Besides, there is an abundance of potential customers just right for you, go for it !

If you are serious about success on Fiverr, then be serious about your gig… and, above all, ENJOY !

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Thank you so much for these tips. Wish you all the best and all fiverr. Hope to get an order soon on this good lovely website.

Wonder to see you here but It Looks like a very common information & tips. We have already discussed much more time here. Please update unique content that will help us.

Thank you.
M Faisal Akhtar

You are most welcome !
And thank you.
Keep focussed and positive, and stay on top of what I mentioned above, as I’m convinced that by following these tips helped me obtain Level 1.

Thank you for your feedback. I do appreciate it. But as I have reading the Forum posts, I felt my contribution here would still be helpful and relevant to those of us less seasoned as yourself, a Level 2 (Congrats ! :slight_smile: ) artist.
In the future, I’ll try to create a better title that reaches those I can help.
I wish you all the best.
Kind regards.

Thank you so Much for your tips.

Much appreciated tips they are to!

Thanks for sharing

I am new and i will listening you guys!
thanks for your good article.

Nice tips. Thanks