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3 of my gigs with 4+ years history and thousands reviews have been ..removed



I have just received a notification from fiverr that 3 of my gigs have been removed.

…Due to "Third party TOS violation " -

I want to let You know that there is no any kind of violation here - these gigs mentioned web2 publications (which mean on blogs created on free platforms) on my own blogs, maintained and owned personaly by me.!

Please clarify that issue!

Currently THOUSANDS of gigs like mine APPEAR with no any problems on the fiverr search✓&source=top-bar&locale=en&search_in=everywhere&query=embed%20youtube%20video&search-autocomplete-original-term=&search-autocomplete-original-term=&search-autocomplete-available=true&search-autocomplete-type=recent-gigs-suggest&search-autocomplete-position=1

I undestand thats a kind of machine/automated action however Id like to restore exactly these gigs, not to create new as they have thousands of customer reviews. I hope it is possible!

Best Regards,

Why Gigs removed
Sales Have Dropped

Nobody on the forum can help you with this as we are just buyers and sellers. Only Customer Support can help you. The link is at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.


I don’ know whats going on here. Fiverr is not safe anymore. Bugs and scammers everywhere :frowning:


I have contacted them of course, however I do expect rather to receive some semi-automated answer as “keep Your services high quality and so…” As here they are many fiverr mods I hope will receive some help by the real world persons.


Are you saying you linked to a blog that is not approved by fiverr?


My gigs still apear into google cache - You can take a look at it here and let me know what do You think -


OK, if the reason is that I have mentioned wordpress, livejounal which are not included in that list… damm I can edit/remove them for seconds, why the whole gig has been removed??


I grabbed that from another forum topic on the same question. Apparently these big name businesses don’t always appreciate people using their name to promote a service. I’d love to know more about this, myself

that list I shared has nothing to do with it, since you didn’t link to those sites


Have you checked the YouTube terms of service to see if there was any issue with what was being done in the gig?


There is NO issue, moreover You can see thousands of active fiverr gigs with same/similar offer (note I was the first one with that service it years ago!)


this part is irrelevant. despite the fact that all of the rules are not perfectly enforced all of the time, “everybody’s doing it” won’t get you anywhere.

best thing is to write to support, don’t say “everyone is doing it” but ask specifically what site is unapproved, and how you can make an acceptable gig

if they give you vague answer you can always ask for next level of customer support.


I had one removed because it “hinted” that it “could potentially be used” by “students.” It was an editing gig that shared the exact same language as hundreds of other editing gigs. (I would never write a student paper…that is waaay too much work!)Theirs are still around, mine got removed. Funniest thing is I see students on Buyer’s Requests all the time.


Yes, You`re right here… I hope they will answer in common manner. How to ask for next level of support BTW?


once they answer, if its not a clear answer, or its just automated response you can go to the ticket on zendesk and ask followup questions, which usually leads to another CS rep taking over and hopefully being helpful


That is more than strange… Every single writing service could be used by students… or politics, or rockstarts if You want!


Thank You! I didn`t know that.


IKR when people ask me to write an an article for an academic journal, hahahahaha


Right? I appealed it and was still denied. I hope you have better luck, keep us posted.


Anyway … In case we break some new/unknown rule in fiverr the common way is to lets been notified first and to lets have the possibility to make edits on our gigs; I can`t accept as normal to get the gig completely removed (I do not have an option to edit it anymore). It could be rather performed to some brand new gigs, but not for gigs will long history.


I will keep You updated. Normally the support will answer after 48 hours… I`m very interested what could be the answer.