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3 of These in 3-Days - Is Fiverr Changing How Buyers Message Sellers?

So I just received this:


This is the third such custom offer request that I have received in 3-days. No budget, no delivery time, and no real order details.

This buyer also became hostile when I replied and said that I was sorry, but I do not offer same-day delivery on orders. (Which I assumed they wanted by them setting a zero-day project turnaround time.)


As soon as buyers go all Taken on me, I know that I have just had a lucky escape.


However, it is odd that I have had three identical custom offer requests in 3-days, from people who seem to just want to ask questions. In this case, has something changed on the buyer messaging side of things?

Also, while we are on custom offers, I have never had a sale from one of these, as the buyer ALWAYS expects some kind of magically low price. In this case, could we have custom offers changed in a way that makes them automatically revert to our minimum package prices? At least this way buyers will know not to expect an offer for less.


Yep. They’ve added this:


Thanks for this. I didn’t realise. Useful to know.


Oh FFS. Why can’t they just leave things alone?

90% of the leads on Fiverr already lead nowhere. Now Fiverr is letting buyers try and set their own budget and turnaround time?

Come on!

This just invites more idiot cheapskates to waste my time.


Are you competent in this area? :laughing:

Good grief. If only some of these buyers knew what we’d done professionally.

They’d realise how damn lucky they’d be to be working with us.


Me neither. But as @cyaxrex said, I was also getting a lot of custom offer requests, so I went to check and found this :woman_shrugging:t2:


And for a cafe!

As a former hotel and restaurant manager, yes! I am competent enough! But do I have time for this rubbish? No!

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OMG, I’m laughing so hard over here. :joy: Love Liam Neeson :blush:, awesome movie!
The Bargain Hunters are always on the loose.

@virginiabg Thanks for sharing, I didn’t know that. :hushed: I haven’t ordered a gig in a long time.
BTW~ Happy Birthday, are you enjoying your day and eating a yummy slice of cake? :yum: :birthday:


I don’t mind the background of the client.

I’m just as happy to write for a cafe as I am for a national newspaper or magazine.

But I do mind when the potential buyer clearly doesn’t read my feedback, or understand my background - both of which suggest that I am more than capable of making a success of their job.

I won’t work with such buyers.

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Thank you! I sure am, and my favorite one - brigadeiro cake :yum:


I don’t either. It is because I have my background in my profile and quite a lot of social proof around my capabilities, that I have problems with messages like this. However, to be clear, I rejected this fabulous opportunity on the basis that there was a zero-day deadline.

If Fiverr wants to roll features like this out, they need to do so with a bit common sense. No one is going to tell you what they want to pay or say, “I’ll wait 10-days for this, thanks.”

If all messages from now on are going to take the form of custom offer requests, these need to default to basic gig package prices and delivery times. I was just throwing that out there in my OP, but now I can’t see anything but headaches arising from this new system.


Sweet! Of course, I Googled it hehe. It’s a Brazilian dessert. YUM :drooling_face:


The purpose of this is that 80% of sellers want buyers to contact them before ordering. And in 70% of situations it is not happening. You get the order to make Voyager and they select a package for Ferengi ship.

And you are in the deep since you have to cancel, you have to explain that you can’t do it for that price, bla bla bla. This way they have the option to Contact us “in their face”, but I think you already saw this in another topic three days ago and also replied? Someone screenshot the new CONTACT feature. I saw this and changed my description to Please use the Contact feature before ordering. Please use the Contact feature on the right prior ordering.

I got two orders this morning from the contact messages like that.
The 0 time frame and 0 budget I just ignore.

You always brighten the forum! :slightly_smiling_face:


Awww, thank you @lloydsolutions. You definitely put a smile on my face. :blush:
Nice to see you around, too. :hearts:


I’m not fond of this new contact method either. The potential buyers seem to either not fill it out completely or put in random information that doesn’t pertain to the actual budget or time limit. My gig description already shows these things. Why give buyers more of a chance to disagree or try to circumvent them?

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But this isn’t going to change this. This is only going to encourage lower quality leads. People can still order without contacting sellers first.

My point here is that if messages don’t default to showing minimum prices and delivery times, buyers are going to expect faster turnaround times and lower prices. The first message I got like this, the buyer wanted my standard gig for my basic gig price with same-day delivery. When I said no, they even said they knew this was unreasonable:


In this case, all this feature has done so far is waste my time, by forcing me to reiterate my existing prices and delivery times. This isn’t beneficial for me or buyers using this feature.

I haven’t seen this yet, and I hope I don’t.

I’ve been getting the stupidest messages lately.

And I’ve just received a stupid order from someone for something I don’t do.

What is going on?

This is why I believe that Fiverr should have an official “Buyer” sign up. They must pay $100 in advance. That should ensure that there are only serious buyers on here.


This option isn’t officially released, fiverr team are just doing A/B testing. Maybe they will cancel it next days.

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I can see this option when I switch to Buyer Mode, but haven’t tried tested anything. So it’s like the buyer makes the custom offer for you?