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3 of your gigs were removed?

Your Gig requires modification - Third Party TOS violation, Suspicion of fraud or spam
I keep getting this when creating a gig and I don’t know why.
I made a post for fortnite and trying to help people get wins.
I used a picture my friend made for me.
I don’t get this.

contact support, it was happening with my logo. I contacted support and they fix it.

So… you were trying to sell something that was related to a copyrighted video game? That’s probably why your gigs were removed. The sheer foolishness in terms of so many sellers failing in understanding even the most basic concepts of copyright and trademark law astounds me.

It sounds like you’ve been trying to break the law, and Fiverr didn’t like that, so they removed your gigs. They were 100% correct in doing so.

Don’t break the law!

Can you be more specific? Get wins how? Where you giving advice or sharing some kind of code, trick, cheat, etc?

Sadly, sometimes companies complain when they see their names on Fiverr.

I had a gig called “I will write an ad for Craigslist” and it was removed twice.

My Facebook and Google gigs are doing OK.

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