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3 Orders, 3 Cancellations!


I am a fairly new member of Fiverr, I have placed 4 orders with 3 different people for signups in my Affiliate site,

I placed 2 orders with first person, duplicate order for another Affiliate, ripped off! (refunded no question)

I placed 1 order with the 2nd person, ripped off! (refunded declined at first until I told him I would contact someone about him committing fraud?)

Last but not least the 3rd person I placed 1 order with him, guess what ripped off again! (waiting on him to agree to cancel order, nothing as yet?)

I know we are all open to being conned sometimes, but when I told the second 2 people I had already been conned before, they look up and say our signups are the real thing?

Then they send you bogus signups?


What planet are the living on?

It makes me angry when I think how little money I have to start with, that there are people out there who would take the shirt off your back because they have no shame!

Let me know if there are any Genuine sellers of signups please?



I highly doubt you will find genuine signups for $5. You’d need to find a network of 50 people who work together and sign up individually, at the meagre price of $5 between them (10 cents each).