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3 orders in a row - done ..Gig - express Review - 5 star ..but where are orders now?

hey i have been waiting for my first order since 4 months got 3 of them 3 days back …i made them express …can any one tell me will i get more orders or not now ?? what do i need to do ??

I think stop pretending you made the video ‘Happy’ by Pharell Williams would be a good start?

@artworkking ‘Happy’ by Pharell williams - Jaipur version is edited by me only over 10,000 views on youtube if u want i can send you the link

@celticmoon they are licensed one …

Oh dear! You have copyrighted material on your gigs…that’s a big no-no! Unless you’ve paid to license the music, images or logos on your gigs you are breaking the Fiverr terms of service. You need to remove that content, because if anyone complains to Fiverr, or the editors happen to find it, your gigs will be deleted without warning.

Maybe you should review the Terms of Service again.

you shouldnt post copyrighted stuff on here… you could probably be sued or removed from fiverr.

@safwan think before u speak …have u checked my profile ??

People can say anything. And just because the company you work for edited a video doesn’t mean you hold the rights to the images/music or that you’ve licensed these things in order to use them for your own profit. I wonder how you can profit on a $5 gig when license fees can cost thousands of dollars. But that’s fine, if you can provide proof of your right to use the videos and music when asked to do so.

ohh @celticmoon are u talking about the psy video ??

or you are talking about the '‘happy’ video …yes i was the editor of that video … if you want i have the newspaper clippings with me …

@all seriously heights i asked for some motivation and now what i see is instead of helping everyone stands on your nose and yells what wrong you are doing ??

very nice and informative

Reply to @venom_hunt:

What I said was that if you or your company edited a video, that doesn’t mean you now own the copyright to the video and can earn money from it, or the music or the images of the people in it. You just did work on a video. Unless you bought the copyright to the video, the song and the images; those things can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Or you paid to license the video, music and images.

I used to deliver babies. That doesn’t mean I now own the babies, and can do with them what I want. I merely did a job that was part of bringing a new life into the world. My job doesn’t entitle me to make money off the babies or the families.

I understand that you did a job that helped bring about a video, but that doesn’t mean you automatically own the video or the right to earn money from it. Whoever paid you to edit the video owns the video. But if you bought the rights, good for you. If someone asks you for your proof that you can legally use the video or music or images, I’m sure you’re prepared to show them. Because that is written in the Fiverr Terms of Service: that you must have the legal right to sell the items you sell, and that includes the materials you use to advertise or show your gig.

From the TOS: By offering a service, the seller undertakes that he has sufficient permissions, rights and/or licenses to provide, sell or resell the service that they offer on Fiverr.

Sellers advertising their Gig online must comply with laws and terms of service of the advertising platform or relevant website used to advertise. Failing to do so may result in removal of the Gig and may lead to the suspension of seller's account.

There's more about intellectual property rights, which I'm referring to, but you can review the TOS if you want.

Reply to @venom_hunt: We thought you were asking for input in your post. We noted that the material on your gigs is copyrighted. Your response was that you edited the video, but that’s not the same as having legal rights. We’re not yelling at you. We’re just wondering if you’re possibly breaking the Fiverr terms of service.

@celticmoon sir i think u have got me wrong i have clearly mentioned "happy"by pharell williams JAIPUR version …can you see jaipur version ?? the video got different versions from different city.

yes i have edited that and i have proofs … and thanks for your other inputs i do find them useful and have made changes .

Well, SIR, that’s good.

I was just pointing out what seemed to be a possible issue. If you own the rights to any music, video and images posted on you gigs, that’s good, as long as you can prove it, if asked.

Good luck.

What about if i have the right to showcase, Because i have a written permission given by each client that i will have right to showcase my work that i have done for them, even though i dont own them?