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3 out of 4 of my gigs doesn't appear in the search

yeah, 3 out of 4 of my gigs doesn’t appear in the search.

I’ve checked their category, I’ve checked all the search pages. I’ve made a video demoing this

YouTube vid

I have no clue. I’ve found out that this is a thing for 2 weeks now. Very frustrated, very unsatisfying start at Fiverr after all the efforts put in gigs ;(

Here’s one of them them, btw (new users can’t post more than 2 links)


Does anyone knows what can this be?
I’ve wrote to support already. But still, I’m very interested.

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Hi there,

I found all of your gigs in search results.

Do not worry!

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wow, how… wow, thank you. I need to check this again right now, I guess

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ok, I just did the same search that I’ve done before. I’ve entered the whole “mixing & mastering” category and checked every gig. I still can’t find mine one.

How did you searched my gigs? by typing the exact names or what? that would be useful to know, I will be grateful for info

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“sound design” -> Page 10
“record music” -> Page 11

Ok, something is wrong with the marketplace, or I dunno
I did my search like this. I chose the actual category on the site. I did not write a search request for “mixing and mastering”. I thought the my gig should be appearing in main category of service that I’m actually providing in my gig and relate my gig to.

I’m talking about this page

I see.

There are 9000 services.

Did you check all 188 pages?

it shows 306 services for me

Here´s a hint.

Go to that page you mention above and filter your country.

See yourself on 2nd page.

I did filtering. I am not present in those 306 services that I can see in “Mixing and Mastering” section.

That´s interesting. :thinking:

wooops. now that is a question. I didn’t see this coming) strange things)

Thank you very much for your help, blavaro!

yeah. also I found out that if I search “mixing mastering” - I get 5K results. If I search “mixing and mastering” - I get 14K.

No comments…)

hello may you should delete the gig and re create another one or edit the gig and relaunch it should be rectify. Hope you find this tip useful. Thanks

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well, I clearly need to work on my titles. That is for sure))
they need some optimization )

search gigs by different keywords…there are many offerings on same subject

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Hi there,

I found it, was my mistake.

I overlooked that Sort by is set to Best Selling. That’s why we both got different result.

Change to Recommended or Newest Arrivals to see different number of services.