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3 Package System Doesn't Work?

Idk why, it could be my skills being a writer, but the 3 package system as never worked for me. Providing a simple and easy single package has always worked wonders for me. I think the triple package system just confuses a lot of my potential customers.

Has the package system worked better for you?


If you use it to discount larger pieces of work, it should work… say. you sell 2 eggs at 5$ basic, 5 eggs at 10$ standard and 8 eggs at 15$ premium… when the buyer looks at the difference and the advantage of the premium they will want to choose that one… Some sellers just use values that offer no advantage like 5 eggs at 5$ basic, 10 at 10$ and 15 at 15$… About 82% of my buyers go for the pro while the rest go for the basic and standard because they can’t fully utilize the pro


I’ve been trying out the 3 package system for a couple weeks now, and I definitely haven’t seen a boost from it. It’s even possible it’s turned people off my gig because I’ve had a slight decrease in orders since switching it over. :confused: I do proofreading and editing, so the key difference between packages is word count. Maybe I’d have better luck with it if I found another way to differentiate them? Idk. :thinking:

That said, I think gigs in certain categories, like graphic design, can really benefit from 3 package system.


I used to have a proofreading gig, the difference was word count and delivery with and extra of converting formats from doc, txt,pdf etc

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Thanks for mentioning file conversion as a gig extra- I’ve been doing it free of charge for the few people who’ve asked, but adding it as an extra makes sense.

One perk of the 3 package system, for me, has been being able to extend the delivery time for the standard and premium packages, as opposed to someone buying the basic gig 5 times and keeping the same 24 hour delivery.

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I’m a writer too and I just use the package system to show people what they could already buy as multiples. The one page, the chapter, the full book. They are multiples of the original in terms of word count and of cost - but with the advantage as stated above of extending the time.


I’ve had a few package sales. What I find is that most buyers simply don’t read them at all, even though I offer a “buy five get one free” sort of thing. Then they ask me for a discount! Hello, read my gig packages!


I’ve disliked that from the moment they introduced it as being incredibly confusing and poorly thought out. Why confuse people so they leave your gig?

I have added it as simply a one package gig on some of my old well performing gigs and they stopped getting sales, probably due to how the fiverr search engine doesn’t see the description the same way.

I think they need to make packages optional. I have about five old gigs I’ve never switched to packages that do very well and the others, not much at all, they are dead.

Of course I will never be able to edit those five gigs that perform well.