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3 Questions I Dread


So, today a very nice elderly person from a religious organization I support visited…he asked 3 questions that had me stumped.

  1. What do you do?
  2. Are you married?
  3. How old are you?

Normal questions, ordinary questions, but I find them dreadfully difficult to answer. Now having shaken off human contact, I get back to writing my articles. 4000 words left for the day…



To my Work.

Old enough to know better, still too young to care.


LOL…that was funny :slight_smile:


Freelancing & {don’t want to tell this}


1day. LOL :baby:


Here are some guaranteed answers that will make sure he will never ask you again:

(1) I am a teacher. I travel through the interdimensional portal to other plants educating other species about Earthlings.

(2) She’s standing right next to me. You can’t see her because she’s invisible! Shhh, don’t tell anyone.

(Then you put your arms out next to you and have a conversation) “I know honey, we’ll be leaving soon. Say hi to, I’m sorry sir, what’s your name again?”

(3) I am two thousand years old, give or take a decade. I’ve been told I look really good for my age. Although, the renaissance age did take a toll on me.





You don’t know if you’re married or how old you are?

Writer, I’m worried about you.


I totally get this. While I don’t have trouble with these exact questions, talking with people in real time can be quite difficult. I am not good at spontaneous conversation with people I don’t know well and tend to freeze or give odd answers to certain questions. I love hanging out with my computer and my animals. Both have questions for me but they generally involve a request for input and nothing more!

A conversation I might get stuck in:

Them: Have you tried the new burger place?

Me: Yes, the fries are good. I mean, the burgers are probably fine but I don’t eat meat so I had fries. Um… Did you know that chickens don’t have lips?


Potential answers that you might find helpful in future:

What do you do?

Answer: I make specialty leather handbags out of the skin of old people.

Are you married?

Answer: Yes, but my husband is away a lot of the time due to his demanding work with ■■■■.

How old are you?

Answer: I’m afraid that my parole officer explicitly forbids me from disclosing too much personal information to strangers, sorry.

There you go, sorted. :slight_smile:


Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Oh, my! That is funny. :laughing:


Maybe I´m not normal and ordinary, but I never really ask anyone those questions and I don´t want to get asked either, and only would reply if I had to for some reason, like police asking me in the course of their duties.
Else I´d either just ignore the questions, ask back without answering, talk about something else, or tell them nunya, depending on who they are and how polite I´m feeling towards them.
It´s always nice to see the face of people who ask ‘How old are you?’ or ‘What´s your name?’ when I reply ‘Why?’. And what then comes usually is more interesting than the usual ‘I´m x’ ‘I´m y’ ping-pong too.
But either way there are more interesting things to talk about, like, say, soccer and cricket, no?


It is odd and I might be wrong but it might have to do with the culture.


I would have answered:
“Things are great here. The weather is nice and I love helping people with projects. How can I help you get a project started today?”

That is also how I respond to what I call conversational messages from potential new customers. Messages that never seem to get to an actual need for anything that I do. They usually start with, “Hello” or “How are you today?”


He was not a customer. Nothing to do with Fiverr. (Just an example of a typical “real world” conversation I have to deal with here in India.)


I treat both situations the same whether on or off Fiverr. :slight_smile:


Easy, my dear. I do what I want, when I want and how I want. I’m not married, but he is :wink: and as for my age, well, what do you think?

The key is bluffering. Whip up a little controversy and nobody cares about the “big” and rather boring questions. Besides, where I am, you’re more likely to get a poke in the belly and “YOU’RE FAT” than anything else.

Or, you know, just tell 'em to piss off. No difficulty.


Has anybody actually poked you in the belly? I’ve been looking at Greece as a pipe dream half a year there, half a year on Malta should Brexit get ugly. I couldn’t have poking going on though.


Only confident, sexy and attractive people dare to poke me in the belly–I just roll with the er… punches.

No, nobody has poked me in reality. If anything, the devious hellenes were actively plotting to enfatten me.


You shouldn’t be stumped by those questions and can give honest answers without shame for you have nothing to be embarrassed about. You are a single professional freelance writer.

I understand that you live in a culture that is somewhat judgmental but hold your head up and be proud. You have a great life and are reasonably happy with it.


Personally, I think someone just tried to hit on Writer today and he freaked out.