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3 questions


Hi :slight_smile: Hope you are all doing well.

I have 3 questions -

  1. In the title of one of my gigs, since titles can’t have apostrophes, it says: "writers block"
    My question - should my tag be “writers block,” or “writer’s block”? (Yes, I considered changing it to: “writing block,” but that is just not the expression I want.)

  2. I understand that as a seller, my response rate is based on how fast I answer a message. My question is, once there is back and forth with messaging, is the response rate still being measured? I’m assuming that no, but would like to be sure.

  3. Nothing in my profile or gigs suggest that I am offering anything sexual, yet one gig that has to do with practicing speaking English for language learners (on skype), has been up for a long time, and have only received messages asking if I can have a video sex whatever. (No I don’t.) Wondering whether my gig is misleading, or are other sellers experiencing this as well?

  1. I would research all possible keyword options and go with the best option. In my opinion the best option is rarely the most searched phrase, the one to pick is the the one with a decent amount of popularity and minimum competition.
  2. The first message counts.
  3. You could mention in your description that you don’t do any adult related gigs (shouldn’t have to though as buyers have agreed to the terms). Also just setup a quick response where for those who ask for adult materials… Cite terms etc


@mgjohn78 hi, thanks for your reply :slight_smile:
Tags - I know which ones I want to use, and “writer’s block” is in the title of my gig so I want it as a tag. What I don’t know about it the apostrophe…


Should have an apostrophe but as its not possible you just have to leave it out. Apostrophes are also ignored by the search feature and i doubt you will loose any business for leaving it out.


Thank you. BTW, I just checked out your gigs - amazing, so talented!
:slight_smile: May.