3 reasons to choose a new seller


1. The seller is new but the professional level is not new
In terms of the ability to complete the work, the new seller and the old seller are the same
2. New seller is more enthusiastic, responsible than the old seller
Because they are new, they want to be self-reliant, try hard, take responsibility to get the best first evaluation.
3. New sellers always have special promotions
With new sellers: what they need is order, is good evaluation so they are willing to offer great promotion

That’s just the three reasons I’ve come up with.
And you think about the new seller?


There’s nothing wrong with choosing a new seller, but I think that some of the reasoning behind your reasons is very flawed.

True, but the old seller has the reviews to back it up. While some buyers might not mind taking that chance, can you really blame others for not being willing to risk it?

That’s a big claim. Are you saying that old sellers got to where they are today by ignoring messages and being irresponsible?

That’s a bit of a generalization. Not all new sellers discount their prices.

If you can’t give people a good enough reason to pick you without comparing yourself at every single step to sellers who have been around longer, then you might want to rethink your strategy.


thank you . Your opinions make me think more about myself


That’s always a good attitude to have :slight_smile:

While you’re at it, check out this post:

There’s a lot to be said for new sellers, as long as you stay positive and don’t fall into the trap of pointless comparisons.


Despite the fact that I’m not a new seller anymore (joined fiverr in 2016 and completed appx 300 orders), but you made me think about myself in my few first months :smile:, and that just made me spread my chicks lol. Nevertheless, your reasoning cannot work for all the buyers, especially for those who may like your idea, and yet cannot take the risk.


This made absolutely ZERO sense to me.


Am a new seller and enjoying the experience Fiverr has to offer


I already read. That’s great
I feel more motivated


The start phase is the hardest. I’m trying to get through


Totally Agree.
New seller will try to get 5 star rating and they usually deliver the project more than expected.


Most definitely a new seller will perform his or her orders with exceptional care since the seller needs to archive big goals to become a top seller. And always new sellers are dreaming success, so they are naturally motivated to do every order in their best. Also they will go beyond to get great reviews since that matters for their future.


The evaluations are their future. They will try their best for it


It have to be strategical approach. Doing hard work and consitenciy is key to win freelance journey.


I had the first orders and reviews.
I feel more excited. I want to work harder
Thank you buyers who have trusted new sellers like me


well said!!.. totally agree with you


I’m highly recommended your opinion :slight_smile:


True, but since there is no actual proof of the work , buyers often prefer someone who has former experience of providing similar services.

But yet, not every newbie is noob.


Trust me, it’s not about noob things or pro things :sunglasses::+1:


thanks for share these facts and opinion


Just pick the seller you trust the most and he will put his all effort on your project and focus on you the most