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3 revisions or unlimited?

I have a question for you, can you help me to answer.
which one is the best, 3 revisions or unlimited revisions ?
I will use your answer and use it to increase my service.

Thanks & Have a great day,

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@avextor basically it depends on buyer and the quality of your work. some buyer may use this revision more but almost 80% buyer will not use this if you deliver quality service, there are some other factors too. if you are new than unlimited is highly recommended. if you are already establish then use as your wish.
hope it wil help you.:blush:
Thanks :heart_eyes:

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Never unlimited IMO - you open yourself up to get harassed.


Thank you @ruhul_tusar for your comments, yeah, my buyers used only at least 2 - 3 revisions even if I offer unlimited revisions, so yeps, I will use 3 revisions. :sunglasses::+1:

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got it :sunglasses::+1: and Thank you for your comments.

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Thank you @fonthaunt :blush:

You can set a limit to your revisions, but that doesn’t stop buyers from asking for modifications over and over even after they reach their max number of revisions allowed. It is a technical bug which needs to be addressed by Fiverr.


Thank you, I did set a limit to my revisions and yes I’ll charge more costs if buyers asking for more modifications :sunglasses::+1:

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I think It’s depend on your provided services.

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Thank you for your comments @djwaruna