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3 simple tips to increase your Fiverr gig sales


Hello Fiverr Family,

It’s Pastor Dre just stopping by and I just thought I would leave a few tips to help increase your Fiverr gig sales:

1. Under promise and over deliver
As a seller on Fiverr you should try to under promise and over deliver on your gig. Surprise the customer with a few extras that they were not expecting.

2. Have great customer service
When interacting with a customer who has ordered your gig, the one thing that will stand out above your talent and skills is your customer service. I can only relate this to a restaurant that has really good food , but if their customer service is not good there is a good chance I will not come back, not matter how good the food is.
Treating your customer with care and passion is sure to make them want to come back and order again.

Not only that they can be your best advertisement.

3. Stay in communication with your buyers
You can have tip 1 and tip 2, but one thing that separates an average seller from a great seller is their communication with the customer.
Example: When you get an order from a customer send a response saying “Thank you for your order and I am excited to work on it.”

Once you start working on the order send another message saying “I have started working on your order and I am excited to complete it”

If the order is taking longer than you expect just send another message saying “I am working on your order and I should be done in about 2 hours or so.”

Once you have completed the order send another message saying “Here is the order that I have promised and please let me know if you need anything else or have any questions.”

This will definitely separate you from the rest.

Ok I hope these tips are useful and thanks for taking the time to read my post.

You can also read how I paid off my car by using these exact tips:
Check it out here

Pastor Dre


Good one. Thanks for sharing @pastordre :slight_smile:


Hi @angelwish it is only a pleasure…


sir i am a seller but on my profile always i am view as a buyer. when i creat a gigs then it always goes in to draft so due to which i can,t sent offer to anyone …please help…


Thanks for the tips @pastordre


Send me a personal message and I would love to help you out.


when i creat a gigs then it always goes in to draft and no active gigs is shows on my profile, so due to which i can,t sent offer to anyone …please help.


Great Tips!!! @pastordre


Hey @pastordre Personally I was used to stay in touch with the buyer the way you are told me but 40% buyer got Irritated for sending message again and again.


Hi @sufwaan074 Good observation. I just try to keep the message short and sweet. Such as working on order, starting your order now and so on. I also agree I wouldn’t want to keep receiving long messages from the seller if I was the buyer either. Hope this helps.


I find for my businesses, especially here on Fiverr that it’s a good practice to “KEEP” your clients updated as the project and your progress moves on. that’s the sign of a great freelancer or business owner. I find that my Customers Appreciate it…especially when they leave a good review and make mention of your good communication skills and efforts. Just my 2 Cents.



Good one Pastor# harder you go the better for you in the end


Lovely Tips pastor Dre.


great tip thanks for sharing your experience