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3 Simple Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Fiverr Gig [ARCHIVED]

Oh! So, you’re ready with your Fiverr account. You have added your gigs but wait looks like something is missing. What is it? Oh, its the main thing you need i.e the traffic. Don’t worry lads, Here are some awesome tips to drive traffic to your Fiverr gig. And mind you, promoting your Fiverr gig isn’t much different than promoting a blog. Here are the tips:

  1. Promote on Social Media

    Well, Social media will turn out as one of the best ways to drive traffic to your Fiverr gig. And Twitter and Facebook will play a big role in driving traffic to your fiverr gig. Make sure, to promote on pages, groups, social profiles and also convince your friends to share on their social media profiles. If you miss out this promotion way then you’ll absolutely miss some of your orders.

  2. Making Backlinks

    Making Backlinks and Blog commenting is also a great way to drive traffic and get some buyers for your Fiverr Gig. Blog commenting will also build some trust in people for you and they may prefer to buy from your gig rather than from others’. Make sure that you are commenting eye-catchy and attractive comments to steal the show. Also, try to be the #1 commentator so that you gain more attention.

  3. Promote on Your Blog

    This may turn out the best way to drive traffic to your blog. If your blog is quite popular and you’re driving a good amount of traffic then promoting your fiverr gig on the blog will benefit hugely. Also, It’ll be a wise thing to create a blog if you haven’t yet. By that, you gain more trust and engaged readers which ultimately results to more buyers.

    Rock Now!

    That’s it my friends. Just follow the above mentioned steps and I am sure that your sales will surely go from Zero to a big number. There’d be a big boost. Stay tuned here for more such tips to promote your gig.

    Go ahead and read more from here: and here’s my profile on, just in case you want quick tips. Here:


I have some concerns about your post and gigs and I’m going to mention them here in the forum since there have been some recent issues with forum posts that are misleading.

First, I believe it is correct that your external links are not permitted and your website URL may also be an issue since you have used the Fiverr name.

What concerns me for other users is that your Fiverr profile seems to indicate that you are the Dr. McIntosh who has an earned Ph.D. from a Texas university, taught at the University of Nevada, and still has up some very professional websites. However, the website you mentioned in your post has a claim on the “Start here” page that you are another person entirely, not from the U.S., and with no stated connections to Dr. McIntosh. The site varies a great deal in style and content from those professional sites I mentioned.

I would suggest that you edit your post to change the parts that are not allowed on Fiverr, and perhaps consider clarifying on your gigs and site who you actually are and where you are from. It would not really be fair to your future buyers to do otherwise, in my humble opinion. If I have misunderstood, no offense intended. Good luck.

Thank you for this great tips. since it worked for you it will surely worked foe me.

Great tips, although, I’m not sure promoting your own website here on the forums is a good idea – or even allowed. Offering places for communication outside of Fiverr is actually prohibited in the Fiverr Terms of Service.

Focus on the work that gets done here on Fiverr, and offer your advice here… on the Fiver forums. If people wish to visit your website to learn more about Fiverr, they can Google it themselves – outside of these forums.

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