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3 super tips to get attracted


Title(most important): take you gig into buyer search called #Impressions
So if your are not getting even good impressions: So there must be a problem with your title and category

Image: Attracts buyers hence responsible for you gig #clicks
So if you are getting good impressions but no(less) clicks then there would be a problem with gig image, you should change or improve it

Description/Packages: leads your Buyers to place #order;
If you have both impressions and clicks but no order then there would be a problem with packages( may be high rates) or your description is confusing for buyer.

As a seller, how can i offer my service in buyer request

great i like it ooooooohhh


Thanks for your valuable tips.


You know, I as wondering something. Please shed some light on this for me. I’ve made 4 gig sales super quick and I delivered on time and actually produced a little more than promised. I ghostwrite erotica, so if I start a story I like, I usually add a little extra. But now that the sales have been completed, my clients haven’t reviewed my product? I’m not going to bug them for it of course, but I’m wondering what if I make another 100 sales, but nobody feels like staring or saying anything about my work. I mean, even if they didn’t like (which I hope they did!) I would rather get some kind of review than not, right? Otherwise it looks like I didn’t get any clients, right? And then nobody else hires me, right? And then I end up buying like 50 cats and dying alone in my apartment while they eat my face, right? Right!?

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That might be a problem you’re going to have to deal with.


So a buyer leaving a review says: Look, everyone, I am not the writer of my stories!
Offer some other writing, maybe? Try to push the illustration gig?


Ooo…Ooooo. OH. You know, that didn’t even cross my mind. Ironically enough the SECOND I posted in this thread, I got a review! 5 stars, baby! Wooo! But they are a large collector of ghostwriters and makes ebooks with multiple stories in it under one pen name.

It’s all good! I just want that praise like a starved puppy.


Ive been pushing that illustration gig pretty hard, and submitting to handfuls of jobs, but I don’t get replies. I must be asking too much and getting way under bid. But that’s how it goes!


You know, there’s very little on your profile but it’s yours (I’m fairly sure) and it’s all really nice and it looks as if there is (much) more where that came from. You shouldn’t have a problem getting orders, I believe. Diversify your gigs into illustration, game assets, whatever you can to fill 7 (or just 4) gigs with. Maybe even one that won’t ever get you sales but brings across that you’re an artist.

And never change your profile pic :slight_smile: (Did you make it?)


well,in business you do not beg you would rather request to be reviewed you as good as you have done your have to ask your buyers promptly as they give you an extraordinary compliment about your job.They would definitely review you in that case just try it for the sake of surpassing your business and it’ll work inevitably


“3 super tips to get attracted”

You should call this “…to attract buyers” instead, otherwise you explain how to get attracted by something.
For example I don’t get attracted by any gig. I got attracted by pretty faces, nice personalities etc. Total different ball game.
You really should get some basic language skills before giving “super tips”.
How about attracting a dictionary, lol.


thansk alot for the tips


Thanks a lot of Share your tips with us. really i appreciate


Something is wrong somewhere for your clients not to leave reviews for you. Inbox me


Some buyers might not want their username to show up when they’re buying erotica.


I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before, but I betcha your right. Oh well! Dems da breaks.


What the others already said, plus, some of your buyers might not be the ‘end buyer’ but resellers outsourcing to you, and many of those also won´t like to leave reviews/traces.

But you got a review already as you said, and you´ll get more! :slight_smile:


Check out the buyer who left that review. :slight_smile: (Before someone thinks something unfavorable, it’s all perfectly legit, I’m just pointing out that this particular buyer is unlikely to feel it would be bad for them to leave a review on an erotica gig)


Yes, sure, not everyone minds, as I said, she´ll get more! :slight_smile:
To all buyers who leave reviews! :cocktail:


I made my account a week ago, but it seems that nobody wants to buy :disappointed:
At least I get impressions and clicks :joy: :joy:
I love your tips :smile:


Nice tips, i know i just updated my profile with Q&A for each gig and immediately started getting hits.