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3 Tips for new sellers


thanks alot its working image|690x458


Hello, Thanks alot for this valuable information sharing here.
Hoping this will work for a people like me…
As i’m a new seller here…
Thanks :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Canva is the tool I used to create all of my gig images!


Great suggestion. But I have found this section is fully empty in my account. How can i get buyer request could anyone suggest please?


i really appreciated because you liked it.
welcome. happy freelancing. :slight_smile:


you currently don’t have any level badge. once you get any badge you will get a lot of buyer requests. :slight_smile:


The requests that you see are dependent upon the gigs that you have active. Having a few gigs in different categories will allow you to see more buyer requests. e.g. I do voice over work, so those are the requests I see. Some days have heavier traffic than others–there were hardly any today! You might not see a lot of work because there might not be a lot of work that needs doing.


Thanks for this elegant information :slight_smile:


Thanks @toaufik for tips.
It is really helpful. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for your tips


Thank you for the tips :slight_smile: very helpful


good tips :blush: :dagger: :ping_pong:


super cool idea, thanks for share


It’s really very helpful for new sellers


i think your gig is good now. to get more ideas you can see some of your competitor gigs.


Thanks for your tips


Thanks Much! These tips are really helpful.:slightly_smiling_face:


I have been on fiverr for almost like a month and I did not get any order. any suggestions?


Good information for new sellers


very informative for new seller