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3 Tips for new sellers


Thanks a lot Toaufik for sharing those tips with us.

After years of freelancing only on French websites, I am now willing to use my skills to help the fiverr community : and this is how I’ll start :wink:

I was wondering about the buyer requests, which is empty at the moment for me. It might fill in when I add new gigs I guess ?

I wish all the success for the Fiverr Community


Can you see my gig and suggest me how to get my first sale?


I get them but most are not on target with my gigs and skills. I have been re-evaluating my key words/phrases and checking my categories. When I changed a few I noticed that I got more buyer requests that I could respond to.

Good Luck!


Thanks for sharing your tips.


In the buyer requests page it is showing that no request found what does that mean and please help me out to send them requests.


In buyer request section, there is no entry available. What to do now?


Thank you for amazing tips


Hi Ravi,

You can see this post below. It have all the help you need to get started as a newbie.



buyer request appears based on your gig’s category and the skills of your fiverr profile. :slight_smile:



Please post gig to the right category and make sure your skills are set to your fiverr profile. Hope this will work. :slight_smile:



You can see this post. this post have all the resources to get started in fiverr.


Thanks a lot for your suggestion…:blush:


Awesome Tip really workinkg


I have a gig in web research, but in buyer requests option, there are other jobs is showing in my profile. which is not matching with my gigs. Plz suggest me.


Thank you so much, these tips were great



See this post, all the answers are here :slight_smile: