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3 tips on how to find a legit seller


Today i was reading a post on fiverr forum and a comment from a buyer came into my view about how to find a legit seller

so here are few things you should consider before ordering a gig.

1-The seller should have more than two gigs(if he/she is a scam so they would not have spend a lot of time making gigs)

2-Check for spelling mistakes in description(a legit seller always spend more time on gig description)

3-Check for time the seller has been around fiverr.

I think this’ll do, Although we know there are some frauds but it should not be a reason to not to give new seller’s a chance they deserve maybe some will do their job even better than you expect.


I’d like to say that people who are not from US/UK/Australia/… may have mistakes in description even if they’re legit hard working sellers. Their english just may not be so good. (I’m not from English speaking country and I often wonder how many mistakes I make, haha.)


galictor_007, your own post is full of grammatical errors. I hope that you are being sarcastic. :slight_smile:


I was in a hurry at that time but check my description you will find no mistakes there thanks.


Reply to @ynneblack: yes, it should be but you wrote this one just fine and plus my point was that most of the orders are in English so if a person won’t understand you how will he/she get your work done, Plus the seller don’t have to master the language as every language is hard to master but they should at least make their description worth paying a visit.


Also, they should have a profile picture of sorts.


I tend to not trust people (personally) if they keep the deep fault icon, use a image of a celebrity in their icon. Or if ALL of their gigs don’t have any professioanl photos or videos of themselves. Buyers aren’t looking to get your phone number. People just feel more comfortable working with someone they can put a face too. Every company has “a face” for their brand, because it’s markets better.


Reply to @thepromogirl: I agree!

This is not the 90’s. Having an online presence weights a lot when doing business and if someone won’t as much as upload a picture of themselves and have a decent description. I will always view them as untrustable.


Reply to @kjblynx: Who knows your profile image is actually yours? Not getting personal here but does it really matters even if it’s not my real picture?


OMG! I just realized that I am not a legit seller, I got only two gigs and you can find many grammatical and spelling mistakes in my gig description, it’s because I am from a non-English speaking country.

Is this really a criteria for finding a legit seller? I don’t think so!

Having many gigs is a sign of spammer and that guy don’t believe in fair play.

Not knowing perfect English is another myth, you can’t judge honesty of a person just because he or she don’t speak English.

Comments by you is immature, don’t spread non-sense theories.


Reply to @madmoo: Awesome! Will you please some errors in my description? Please?

I really don’t know if there are any as English is not my first Language!


Reply to @madmoo: Thank you so much :slight_smile: Considering to add a picture also. How you get time to be active here? I got this reply within few minutes. This fiverr order just don’t let me sleep. You are looking a reputed seller and I am sure you also handle many order at a time.




Reply to @madmoo: You are really fast! Amazing a simple “Thanks” is not enough. I wish I can do something in consideration. Any wishes?