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3 Tips to consider before hiring a proofreader on fiverr

There are three reasons you should consider when thinking about hiring a proofreader.

1. A proofreader will catch all the mistakes you miss.
Even though you can proofread and meticulously edit your own work, you’re bound to miss a few things.

2. Suggestions to help your writing improve.
Hiring a proofreader means that you can learn from your own mistakes.

3. Affordability.
With the rise of the internet, prices of proofreaders have come down substantially to keep in touch with the competition. Bear in mind though that you do get what you pay for, but proofreaders often charge a very reasonable fee.

Best Regards,
BazykConcepts1 (professional fiverr proofreader)


Great topic, very accurate.

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Excellent point. Even someone skilled in copy editing can easily miss mistakes, especially in their own writing. Proofreaders aren’t just for people with limited English.


good one. Are you a proofreader on fiverr?

Thanks! No I am not, but I trained in copy editing in university and college, so I am familiar with the needs copy editors fill. I am also a writer and so I see how easy it is to miss errors in your work when you’ve been staring at it too long.


That is so true. For every kind of service or product. Either on Fiverr or elsewhere.

Generally, due to the difference of the value of a dollar depending on the country / continent of the seller, buyers can get valuable services for a lower price than in their own country.

But No1 is also true. One usually misses one’s small mistakes. So proofreading by another person is important.

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you are absolutely right. Sometimes It takes consistency and experience to thrive well in that field. Although that’s an area where I am more skilled. Do you feel we could do business together as being in the same niche?

That’s awesome! that’s where the professionals come in. You can always send me your documents to proofread for you. :smile:

Thanks for your interest, but that’s not allowed and couldn’t work here. Plus, as nice as you are, you’re technically my competitor and I don’t do things that would boost my competitors’ business regardless of how I may benefit.