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3 Tips you might not know / Buyer Requests response

Firstly, if you are new here, welcome to Fiverr Forum!

Here are 3 useful Tips for how to respond to a Buyer’s Request that you might not have thought about.

These Tips are mainly meant for New Sellers who need to make that first sale!

TIP #1: Offer to deliver earlier than when they ask. E.g. if they want it in 2 days and you are able to deliver quality in 24 hours, that would be great. They will be pleasantly surprised. If they ask for a 24h delivery and you can deliver in 12 hours, let them know. But only if you can! Because, if they choose you among others, remember that afterwards there will be rating.

TIP #2: Offer to work for a lower price than what they offer for the job. But only just a little bit lower otherwise you won’t look professional. Let them know that this is a first-time-buyer bonus.

TIP #3: Use phrases from the Buyer’s add in the text of your response so that they can be reassured that you at least have actually read their description carefully. AND ask them a question in the end about what else they might need done that they have not included in the add. This way, there is a chance they will at least reply to that question.

Some more Tips that you might have read elsewhere but always good to remember:

  • Focus on the buyer’s needs and describe in your response message in which ways exactly you will solve their problems or create what they need better than anyone else. But avoid boasting. Keep it simple, and professional-friendly.

  • Let them know that you will deliver within the deadline or earlier. They will be reassured.

  • Don’t beg them to hire you ‘because you are in need’. Half of the planet is in need. That will be one reason why they won’t hire you.

Disclaimer: Competition is big on Fiverr; we know that. Using all or some of these Tips does not mean that you will be hired immediately. Patience and an optimistic attitude can help. Keep trying and make yourself better and better in what you do every single day. Success does not come overnight, but it comes if one is committed and if one knows the job well.

I hope that helps! Best wishes for success!
Enjoy the ride on Fiverr! :slight_smile:


ONLY if they have a reasonable budget. If they want a 100,000 word novel for $5 or some other unreasonable request, SKIP or quote them a realistic cost.



You are right. We should skip this offer.


You don’t need to respond to all buyer requests. You are not forced. If you think they don’t pay enough for your value.

The Tip to offer to work for a bit less than what the buyer offers is not meant for a 5$ or 10$ request of course! That’s common sense. There are lots of buyer requests with high budgets.

If you read the post carefully, these tips are mainly meant for those new sellers who are struggling to get their first sale. E.g. to work once for 25$ instead of 30$ or for 45$ instead of 50$ won’t hurt you if that would be your first sale. As I clearly wrote, in that case, you would let the buyer know that this is a first-time buyer bonus.

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Exactly. It’s best to spell things out for newcomers as, without clarification, people will make incorrect assumptions.


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