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3 warnings from fiverr

Hi friends,

Yesterday fiverr restricted my account after receiving second (Level demotion) and third warning (account restricted) within 12 hours. The second warning was right but the third warning was totally irrelevant.

Yesterday my repeated buyer given me 3.7 stars rating by mistake. I just asked my buyer that is this rating is by mistake or not? He pardoned and told me that it is by mistake. Meanwhile I take the screenshot and sent it to Customer Support. And eventually Customer support gave me 3rd warning with account restricted. Now its under review by Fiverr Trust and Safety team. They said I can deliver my active order but can’t get new orders.

I am working on fiverr since from sept 2015 and have more than 1300 reviews. I am really upset. I don’t know what to do. Please share you suggestions and experiences.



Oh, it’s really sad, i feel :fearful:


You are right. I have no words to express my feelings right now! :disappointed:


I’m sorry to hear that your account has been restricted. I don’t think you can do anything right now. You could ask Fiverr if you could create a new account. There is a very high chance that they might say no. In that case, you might just have to move on to another freelancing platform (if you want to continue freelancing). Do not create a new account without asking Fiverr first. This will definitely get your new account deleted in no time.

This issue has also already been discussed quite a bit on the forum. It helps to check the forum every once in a while. If you were aware of this issue, you probably wouldn’t have asked your buyer about the review in the first place.

There have been several posts on the forum where sellers had said that they received ToS warnings after they either contacted the buyer to find out if the review was a mistake or contacted CS saying their buyer wanted to change the review.

I also remember reading this one post where the buyer had contacted CS directly (saying they’d misclicked/posted the wrong review by mistake), and the seller received a ToS warning for that (for no fault of theirs). :roll_eyes:

Here are a few forum posts on similar issues:

Don’t get me wrong. I am not supporting Fiverr’s currently existing system. Not by a long shot! However, the only thing we can do is to adjust to this ridiculous system (provided you want to continue working on Fiverr).

Therefore, I’d just accept whatever review I’ve received; it doesn’t matter even if the buyer says they did a mistake and that they want to change the review or if I think the review’s a mistake/unfair. I’d still move on. Mum’s the word. :speak_no_evil:

Even though you did nothing to deserve the bad review, it is better to just let it go (cuz you can, at least, explain your side of the story while replying to the buyer’s blind review) rather than receive a ToS warning, a demotion, or account suspension. :slight_smile:


Thank you for your respone

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It’s really unfortunate that your account got restricted, and I really hope it gets reinstated.

There’s a big lesson to learn here, for just about every seller;

We should stop caring and worrying about ratings and reviews.

One thing I have learned about life; the things you are most afraid of are the things that happen to you.

Our focus should be towards doing what we can and promised to do, period.

Ratings will follow their natural course.

A bad rating shouldn’t in any way be a reflection of who you are and what you are capable of, unless of course if one deserves it, especially since customers will give a rating as they feel. I know many who never give 5 stars, I have read some peoples feedback, a buyer says, amazing services, highly recommended, blah blah, and the rating is 4.3,…something is wrong with that.


Thank you for your response. I have learned big lesson from this.

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I trust you have. All will be well @zuhaibnaqvi


You are right. I think the big mistake he did by sending the SS to the CS …Because He given the proof of his fault to the CS…

I’m really sorry to hear your story. I think 3.7 is not bad feedback I wish you never take that risk. If buyer provide a low rating then no worries deliver more orders with good reviews, the rate will improve.

There may be high chances that you used keywords like “rating, feedback, bad feedback, 5 star ratting” that can trigger warning. The system will read your message within few days you will get automatic warning from robot.

I believe you are good seller hope fiverr will give you chance best of luck :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your response. I did not use keywords that automatic system will consider. Actually my buyer and me contacted CS to change feedback. Even buyer is admitting that he did review mistakenly.

I am just waiting for response from Fiverr trust and safety team! :disappointed:

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Absolutely very bad for you…But I hope you will return again!


Did you got any response from Cs?

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It’s really sad but you should discuss and clarify the issue with the support. I think they restricted your account but they don’t disable yet. So try to persuade them what exactly happened with the buyer, I hope you will get the positive result from customer support If you can persuade them correctly.


Yes, they have just restricted my account. I have already opened a ticket that’s why waiting for their response.

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Yes restricted doesn’t mean that your account has been suspended. So discuss with them :slight_smile:

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This was the last response,.

Yes, I will. May be they are waiting for active orders to be completed.

Oh man, sorry for that :frowning:


What a sad thing. I really really hope that you get lucky this time and get your account reactivated.
Asking about ratings & reviews no matter what, is against Fiverr’s rules.