3 Ways to Get New Buyers For Your Gig!


I have been using Fiverr for a few months and have found success in using these methods to find clients.

Here are some of the tools I used to gain more clients as a Virtual Assistant:

  1. Social Media Personal Page:
    In the beginning I posted on my Google+ and Facebook about my gigs. I would ask people to like, read, and share. Many became intrigued by my post and would either check the link or share with a friend. Add catchy call-to-actions and headlines.

For example I would say “Who would like to increase their productivity as a business owner?” or “How many of you would benefit from a personal assistant?”. I would follow up with “Hire a Virtual Assistant Today” and many people responded.

  1. Facebook Groups:
    I am in numerous business related groups on FB and would post there often. I could also search in terms to find members who were looking for a virtual assistant. Commenting and liking posts increases the probability of members seeing your posts when post them. So I continuously stay active in all of the groups.

  2. Word of Mouth
    If you know people in your everyday life who could benefit from your services, interest them in your gig. Encourage them to share with their friends and family. My first client shared her experience with her business owner friends and I gained two clients. Always make sure to go above and beyond in your gigs to encourage them to put in a good word.

What ways have you all used outside of Fiverr to gain more clients?

Not new but don't have sale yet. What am i doing wrong?
Still figuring it out

Great ways! Thank you for sharing!

Personally for me it was all word of mouth. The best thing about Fiverr is if you deliver something good quality and valuable for customer then you will go up in rankings eventually and Fiverr will take care the marketing part for you by being high in rankings, featuring in email newsletter, social media and etc.


Great post. I also use this method and success.


Very good tips! Thanks for posting.


Yes that is very true! Word of Mouth is the best way to have people trust that you provide quality work!


That’s awesome! Using social media and WOM is really helpful :slight_smile:


No problem, thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Thank You :slight_smile:


One thing that has worked well for me is recommendations from other fiverr sellers. My main business is SEO and if for example someone is looking for SEO I also tell them they can get their website redesigned (and recommend a seller) and also people that go to other sellers for websites then get recommended to me for SEO.

This can work with anything. For example, someone looking for logo might need seo, someone looking for seo might require video promotion

If you want to help each other out feel free to contact me and see my reviews on my best selling gig



i find your post interesting, would make it one of what i will be applying now


Very good idea. I liked it. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks for the tips. These are useful.


A realy helpful note for boath new and old users…
Nice effort. .


Thank you. but how can they search you? just by your profile name ? or do you leave links? thank you for your post


@paras71 what is the best way for marketing our fiverr gigs?


Greta share. I do use Social Media platforms to get buyers for my gigs.It works best.Moreso, I one of the best ways to easily command buyers could be by building an Email List or probably purchase one.

Having a number of views to your gig could rank up your gig service. My thoughts tho


Recommended this 3 ways i am doing the same things posting in facebook groups etc and get impressions


Thanks for this awesome tip.


This is indeed a great strategy. I appreciate this post and will apply the two tips stated here. Talking about recommendations, I would like to be connected to a proofreading job. I need to show what I can do here.



Have you tried looking a the buyer request page?