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3 weeks and still no sale

I have improved my gig over the last three weeks lowered the price and put advertising on twitter and facebook but I still havent got a sale. I got 80 view in the last month and a few clicks but still nothing

This is my gig:

make 7 gigs, use 3 images and 2 pdf for each gigs and stay online in 24 hours, hope you will get orders soon :innocent:


But what should I make these Gigs about?
Thanks for the advice btw

I’m not positive, but it might be because you are only offering to design. You state in your profile that:

But you don’t have a gig about building a site, just designing. It might just be a translation problem, but ‘designing’ just means ‘making a layout’ ’ or ‘creating the appearance of’ and not actually building or making the website itself.

Ok I will change that in my bío because i am really only designing… or maybe I could add a new gig?

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It’s your choice.

Website building is a very saturated market, so you MUST know what you’re doing to succeed long-term.

Why not try Quora, where you can answer niche-specific questions for potential customers who need answers?

I have over 4.5 million answer views there and have enjoyed top writer status in several niche categories related to my brand.

You can place a link to your gig on your main profile page, including a great short marketing video. But it’s not a good idea to add Fiverr links in the actual answers as they consider that spam.

The idea is to create serious value for your readers by answering their questions to solve their pain points, and by offering helpful tips, tools, and strategies.

It’s also a good idea to create value for other Quora writers by upvoting their content and leaving helpful comments.

Many freelancers have built thriving businesses by answer Quora’s questions.

Treat each person with questions as though they were real, high paying customers, by creating real value for them - and that’s very likely what they’ll then become.

Hope that helps! - David.

Nevermind got my first requests today. Thanks for the advice☺️

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