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3 weeks no order .help me please

I have created gigs 3 weeks before. still no order. Anyone please help me with suggestions and ideas …


Wait and keep patience

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Bro, I already create my gigs from the previous month and I still haven’t got any buyer request (order), so just wait and try to improve your gig. Maybe you should try to add a self - introduction of what you’re capable of or insert some presentation videos with your previous work achievement. Don’t worry, we’re actually on the same boat.


keep practice and wait

all time active,and keeppractice and wait

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Some people experience the same thing, just be patient.
It took me close to 3 months after uploading my gig to get an order, that was in june. Now I have completed 2 more after that and few inquiries are trooping in; things usually pick up after the first job, but it’s slow in my case though.
If you need jobs sooner I would suggest you check the buyer’s request frequently.
Good luck.


Is it possible for anybody being active al time 24/7 ?
When they will sleep??
Do you stay awake everyday 24/7 without sleeping ?

People are getting orders while they are sleeping.
Look below.

@rayhan2004 do not misguide anybody or not provide any wrong information to anybody.
I see you are few days here. You need to much study and need to understand the community before creating any posts. There are many many experienced people here from worldwide.
So try to study with them.

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That means we have to spent time in the night, right?

Here to say all time active, to be active whenever possible.
When someone is asleep, he can no longer be active …You have to be active all the time. It is not meant to be active 24 hours a day. It has been explained to a human being as long as possible. Thank you.