3 Yahoo Answers and 1 Best answer to boost your seo


Package includes : -

I will answer 3 yahoo answer questions related to your keyword or site.

I will confirm 1 best answer too. Best answer may take up to 7 days.

I will answer such a way that answers will never get deleted.

If any answer get deleted i will replace the answer.

I will use my level 2 or upper level yahoo answer account for answering.

Advantages : -

Yahoo answers have a high pr & receive a hell of a lot of traffic in terms of seo.

You can use yahoo answers for generation instant traffic and it gives backlinks as well.

The pr of yahoo answer is high. So if you put your kw with your website link in yahoo answer, then you also get high page rank in google.

Yahoo answer is best to get fast targeted traffic.

If your answer is chosen as best answer it will get you extra benefit.

Requirements : -

Just give me your website address

Note : -

I Don’t do adult link.

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