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3 Years No Sales ! Now almost Level 2 in just 1 month


Welcome to my Story lines + Tips for new sellers , i am Professional Graphics Designer , With Bad luck for 2 years.

here is reason for bad luck !

i joined fiver in 2013 and created my gig, in very few days got an order from buyer, unfortunately i was on vacations, at that time there was no vacation mode on fiver, he just canceled the order after time was over, and wrote me negative review:

after that my account went bottom and even i was unable to send offers to people.

i remain calm and waited for long, in meantime shared my gigs on all social medias to get few traffic on my gigs one of them was (google plus community “Fiverr gig Sharing”)

so after waiting so long someone found me worthy to try and gave me a project, i delivered in time and very professional by heart, Client was very happy and gave me 5 stars, and hope came back to me once again, now i had at least something for my next client that i am real professional.
later another client came to me and ordered me two gigs, i delivered gigs but he did not wrote me reviews, i got payments but no reviews, but i came to trust that fiverr can give me something if i work more on it.

time by time people started trusting on my gig and i delivered each order with full potential and hard work.

then people came to me with bulk of orders like 50 to 100 designs, i requested them if you buy individual order one by one for this effort i will deliver 10 or 5 free designs. and they accepted it, and my rating gone up and up. now i regularly deliver my gigs and fiverr is no my second highest passion after my Boxing, i want to carry on with boxing and fiverr.
am soon going to be level two seller just few sales more.


  1. do not go offline more then 12 hours (depending upon your gig timings) use vacation . . mode for offline
  2. have passions if no order comes to you, fiverr is big market someone will must come to . . you.
  3. provide high quality work more then payment you ask.
  4. give extra offers to client with bulk images so they do not buy $50 gig in one order, rather . 10x5 gigs it will increase your sales,
  5. create 2 or more gigs with same service but different work amount,(you can check my . . gigs to get to know what i mean).

last but not least: if you are buyer please once you purchase a gig, if you satisfy with quality of work must give review to a new fiverr seller, he will never forget you for this kindness and its proof of your good human behavior.

thanks for reading my story : love you fiverr


Thanks for sharing some advice, I am new to this site and hoping to make some sales.


I love to hear your story.

Good luck


Great story and good tricks.


Sorry everyone but i noticed something here that most people who do posting here are lying because this guy said he joined fiverr in 2013 when his profile is saying that he joined fiver in june 2014 :stuck_out_tongue: why people are lying for maybe they think that posting a story and something better about there self can get them in to business and they can attract buyers from here ?


work hard and be passionate fiverr is best for working here you dont go for earn, earning comes to you says earn me


thank i shared what i learned from being down


you are 100% accurate , my memory to keep remember dates is low, but dates doesnt matter, the stuff realy matters, i shared my life story , that people wanted to read, not the dates, but i agree with your statement joining date was 2014 , does it realy matter?


Excellent work coming back from such a long way. Many sellers lose hope after their first bad experience and in some cases never find the courage to give it a next shot.

Congrats on keeping the professionalism in tact and working hard to get your confidence back up.

*For your logo designs gig - you can make a fortune if you check out the 'Top sellers" in logo designs on the high rating page and model your gig similar to those. (your gig profile photo, your services, your quality).

Good luck.



the most precious thing in this world is a good advice, thank you very much for your suggestion i will make that