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30 day review cut off, help?

I’m trying to find the thread about the new implemented 30 day review cut off? I know I read it about a week ago somewhere, I can’t find it for the life of me now


@Madmoo Thanks for trying to search, I appreciate it. I have a Buyer that decided they would like to change their rating. It hasn’t been anywhere close to 30 days yet, but they can’t edit the review. Is it permanent now? I was thinking that they would have so long to change the rating as well if they wished? I was a little confused


I wrote the thread and removed it since some members couldn’t behave themselves and turned it into an argument

Reply to @ozzieuk: If you’re referring to my question about how you found out as “bad behavior,” I didn’t mean it in a bad way. I was just wondering if Fiverr had released that information on the blog or something. That’s a big piece of information and I was wondering where the official statement could be found. I’m not sure if that’s what you’re referring to, but I kind of thought it was, so I wanted to clarify.

Reply to @alliemadison12: That would be a good idea. That info would be easily missed in the regular threads. There should be a blog or different thread that has those updates, as I’ve noticed they don’t get posted in the ‘News’ one

Hi there everyone,

I just wanted to let you all know that buyers are still able to give you a (negative) rating although Fiverr claimed that is isn’t possible anymore after 30 days.

I just received a negative rating after 4 months!!! and the buyer did not even communicate with me. This makes me really mad and the fact that it’s still possible after 4 months!

Will send this to Fiverr Support and let them know what is going on, I am really really upset about this whole thing and wanted to share this terrible experience with you all.

Reply to @dudeson: Please let us know about the answer you get!

Reply to @catwriter:

I contacted support and they will reply very soon, I will definitely let you all know

Reply to @dudeson: I can confirm that it’s still possible to receive negative feedback after more than a month. A guy ordered a page from me on September 16th, I delivered the same day, he requested modifications the next day, I did the modifications the same day when requested. No further feedback from him, and last night I got 2.5 stars with no explanation (and it seems that I can’t even offer the refund now).

Although, there’s something weird: the 2.5 stars show on the gig page, but not on the number of negative reviews on the Analytics page.

Reply to @catwriter:

Hi there

I contacted Fiverr Support and they told me that there is a limit of 30 days where buyers and sellers can give a rating. This means it is already implemented.

I suggest you contact Fiverr Support and kindly ask them to remove the negative rating or help you with the issue you have

Reply to @dudeson: Thanks, will do! Did they remove yours?

Reply to @catwriter:

Yes they actually did :slight_smile:

Reply to @dudeson: Maybe it only applies to orders that occurred after the feature was implemented? Based on the fact that they removed it, maybe just that aspect is still glitchy, perhaps!

Reply to @dudeson: Actually, it’s still on your gig page. :frowning:

CS confirmed the 30 days limit, but there was apparently a small bug with the order I mentioned, so the buyer was able to leave the negative rating.

They say they can’t remove the negative feedback without the buyer’s clear consent, and suggest I communicate with him. To communicate with someone who couldn’t bother to say anything for more than a month? The time would be much better spent working on new orders.