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30 days after warning

Hello! 30 days ago I had three warnings. Tell me, warnings are reset (deleted) after 30 days or not. If not, then it turns out that I no longer have the right to make a mistake and my account can be deleted?

Suggest you read the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page for the rules as to how Fiverr works and the consequences if you violate them.

Strongly suggest that you abide by them to avoid risking your account.

Your warnings will stay on your account to be seen by Fiverr staff forever.


Thanks for your reply.

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An account can get disabled after one warning, or even without a warning, depending on what you did. It’s highly unusual that your account wasn’t permanently banned after 3 warnings.


The warning was for allegedly having information at the concert that misled customers. I offered to be a photo model. And I didn’t say in the concert what I would and wouldn’t do. And that must have been misleading for the customers. So now I’m afraid to create a concert on the subject again.

This seems like a good idea!

Instead of using the word “concert” just change that to “gig” which is the correct word in this context.


You criticize me too much. I indicated in the GIG description that "I will be a model! " and this does not mean that I make any hints. Pfff

She is not criticizing you . She is giving you suggestion so that you do not get any more warnings. I think you should take those as suggestion not criticize …One warning can disable your account . Even I have seen many users lost their accounts without getting any warnings. I will also suggest you to read the TOS . And try to be active on forum also to learn something .

Well, maybe … But now this example:
The seller makes the icons, but did not specify what he “DOES NOT”. It can be understood that it is misleading the buyer … and GET A WARNING.
It’s too bad that there is no moderation when creating a concert.

You can check it maybe using your analytics of Fiverr

The word is ‘gig’, not ‘concert’.

If you’re using automated translation, it can cause a misunderstanding.

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Okay: Too bad there’s no moderation in the creation of the GIG. but the essence does not change