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30 days and 98 completed gigs later... LEVEL 1!


YAYYY!!! I am finally level one!! YAAAYY!!! I almost reached my goal of 100 gigs before level 1, but a hospital visit cut my gigs delivered short. :frowning: And now my husband is asleep so I can’t shuffle my deck without hearing him snort with discontent.

Welp, if anyone is interested, I’m gonna share some tips as to how I managed it. :smiley:

-EXPRESS DELIVERY. I swear, this set me apart from all the other Tarot card readers. I had the same amount of accuracy- but I did it faster! Eventually, this became impossible as my orders came all at once, but it was great my first two weeks.

-Buy 2, get 1 free. I used this my first week because people would compulsively buy 2 of my gigs just to get a free third reading. This was short lived because it really catapulted my gig for me and I eventually could not keep up after the first week of doing this.

-Over delivery. I don’t do much of this anymore because I simply don’t have the time I used to, but sometimes I would get carried away and give 8 pages, instead of 2-4, which was my average. Please clients usually recommended me or came back for repeats.

-Nicely tell your buyers that you’d be more than happy to fix anything they are unhappy with and that you appreciate any positive feedback they can give.

-Just, be nice, even if the buyer isn’t. Ever seen Puss in Boots? A good pair of googly eyes can turn even the meanest person into jello. Stay courteous. If things get bad, always contact customer support. Being nice will give you the upper hand if CS is trying to mediate something, anyway.

-NETWORK. I have a few weaknesses as far as my gig goes: I can’t contact animals, I can’t tell you how many children you will have, and I do not work with black and white. My whole thing is ‘using the cards to change your life for the better.’ However, I get buyers that demand to know who they are going to marry and when. How many kids will I have? How long will I live? I can’t deliver those answers, so I refer them to someone that I have personally bought a gig from that I know will be able to answer. In turn, when they get a buyer that they cannot deliver for, they redirect them to me.

-Be active on the forums. :slight_smile: I know I buy gigs mainly from people that are on the forums because I feel that if they are active, they truly care about fiverr and delivering quality work. I ‘trust’ the community more.

-Webpage. Facebook page. I own both to self promote. I also write blog articles on the Tarot and link my gigs to them.

-Give real feedback when you buy other people’s gigs. If you seem intelligent and easy to work with just because you have the ability to give good feedback using proper grammar and spelling, more people will click on your username just to see who you are or what you have to offer.

-Lastly, enjoy it. I love Fiverr. :slight_smile: My husband rolls his eyes at me and then tells me ‘whatever makes you happy,’ but I really do enjoy this. Isn’t that the point of working from home? You are your own boss and you answer to yourself so you might as well make it a fun experience.

All of this enabled me to get slightly less than 100 completed gigs in 30 days with only 2 cancellations- one because the buyer did not read my description and the other, admin cancelled before I was even able to look at the buyer.

Welp, I finally made it and hope that some of you can get some tips from this post!


Congratulation!I can still remember how amazing it was when seeing the level one logo a week ago! I hope you can maintain your wonderful service in the future. :smiley:



Congratulations !


Congrats and thanks for the tips~!




Congratulations ! I am now level one since today ! But only 10 gigs :wink: Keep going i wish i can reach 100 gigs !




Congratulations !!




Thanks everyone. Was definitely worth the wait. :slight_smile:


Thank you Juli :slight_smile:


How wonderfully generous of you to write this post to help out other newbies! It’s always inspiring to see someone do so well in such a short time. Keep up the good work and happy pushing!



Congrats! 100 in a month is awesome. Keep up the good work and appreciate the tips you shared with us. These help newbies like us a lot :slight_smile:


I am waiting to be a level 1…


Congrats and Thanks for the tips :slight_smile:


good job


Thanks everyone, and you’re welcome for the tips. :slight_smile:

Oh, and if anyone is crazy and starts their gigs at 5am… eating breakfast is also helpful. :smiley:


Just provide the reason about your late, then promise them, if you will send complete report asap


Reply to @dieruvita: What??

I assume you are directing this at my other post. I already talked to CS. They said that they messed up. I wasn’t actually late but the system was glitched and it marked me as late anyway. They told me I delivered on time and it was no fault of my own that the gig was marked incorrectly.


Congrats! :slight_smile:

I wish I could get to lv 1 asap, but being a newbie from a third-country is actually pretty hard. Because sharing your gig in facebook or twitter will be very much pointless, most people from third-country are sellers, not buyers. I guess I’ll just pm anyone who seems to need my service. :frowning: