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30 days and no orders

I joined in june and i didn’t get any order help me with that and send me your suggestions.
I send 10 requests daily but in vain :sweat:

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just keep trying and upload 2 or 3 gigs daily and try to use other source like social media to seeking customer this the only way to get order.I got my first order after 2 month but i keep trying and i wish and hope you will get your first order and order very soon.
Best of luck.

Thank you how to upload gigs?

You will get orders keep try be patient and online.
Your response is 8 hours its mean you are not remain online.

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Go to the buyer request section and find projects you can do.
Place your bids with little description of what you can offer.

‘Buyer Request’ section is the easiest way to get sales for new sellers.

how to change response time

Ohh, you can see this post. You will fond many new tips in this posts.

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i don’t know how to change response time please send me or screen shot or tell me how to change :hugs:

when someone send you massage and you response to them this will count in your response time,
if you reply quick your response time will be better.

oh okay okay Thank you Sister :heart_eyes: